Flash Fiction #6 – Maid in Black (Flash! Friday)

I’ve entered Flash! Friday again! This time it’s Volume 2, #42.  I found this one intriguing because the photo is from Japan, and the story must include a death.  Well, this one became dark, but I’m pleased with it.

Also, I just wanted to note that I’m no longer doing Daily Flash Fiction, just calling it Flash Fiction.  Anyway, on to the story:

What’s the point? They just want to touch me. They don’t see me as a person.

Eri gazed out at the swollen Tama River. The rain fell around her as she struggled to hold on to her parasol.

What am I doing with this? Stupid. It’s not made for a typhoon.

The creepy looks of the middle-aged businessman as she handed him his order gave her chills. On the omelette, she wrote, “For my darling master.”

This is no way to live. I’m twenty-one years old. I’m still playing maid in Akihabara. I’m sick of this. No one cares.

She stepped to the edge of the riverbank. The wind tore the parasol from her hands and she shielded her eyes from the stinging rain.

He shouldn’t have looked at me like that. He is not my master. Never again.

She looked down to the water. The hand slipped from the rock and under the rapids.


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What Will You Write? #7 Second Extension

That’s right.  What Will You Write? #7 is being extended for another week again.  I’m trying to figure out if there’s a pattern.  Maybe some prompts are too difficult?  Just so you know, it doesn’t have to be a long story.  1000 words is the maximum.  You can make it as little as 100 if you like.  This should help anyone who wants to attempt the challenge.

Anyway, the challenge is extended until October 3rd, 3 pm GMT.