Monthly Writing Updates

My author site gets an update! I’m going to make sure to update at the beginning of each month with a plan for the month. I’m going to attempt to stick to the schedule for writing.

These updates will not be on this blog (actually, I’ll reblog), but the main updates will be on the author site.  If you haven’t already, please go there and follow it.  You can get there through the link below, as this is a reblog of my October update.

Jay Dee Archer

Journey to Ariadne is going to have a good month.  I have submitted Part 3 to Critique Circle for critiquing after doing some editing.  I’d had a brief delay thanks to a lot of things going on in September, but I also added a bit to the story that will help it mesh nicely with some main plot points in the future books after colonisation.

I’d like to start doing some weekly goals, so at the beginning of the month, I’ll post them here.  The date shown is the final day of the week.

October 4th – Part 3 submitted for critiquing (this is finished)

October 11th – Writing of part 4 is completed.

October 18th – Part 4 is edited and submitted for critiquing.  Part 5 begins.

October 25th – Critiquing of Part 3 is complete. Writing of Part 5 complete.

November 1st – Part 3 is published here.

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Month in Review – September 2014

September has finished, and what a month it was.  I had a lot going on offline, so I didn’t have as much time as I’d have liked to blog, so the post count suffered a bit.  I now have 534 followers on the blog.

September Stats

Despite the lower number of posts in September, it was still the third best month in terms of views.  The busiest day was September 4th with exactly 100 views.  There were a total of 1,551 views, bringing the total to 19,197 views.  It should easily pass 20,000 in October.  There were only 37 posts, the lowest since March, bringing the total to 587 posts.

The month ended with 3,070 comments, with only 218 in September.  With a lower number of posts comes fewer comments.

The top 10 countries for September were:

  1. United States (997 views)
  2. Canada (149 views)
  3. Japan (109 views)
  4. United Kingdom (108 views)
  5. Australia (27 views)
  6. Philippines (22 views)
  7. India (19 views)
  8. Germany (8 views)
  9. South Africa (7 views)
  10. Malaysia (7 views)

Top Posts

The 5 (6) most popular posts made in September were:

  1. What Will You Write? #7 – Good Fortune (83 views)
  2. My Future Relationship with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (51 views)
  3. Children’s TV Doesn’t Always Make Sense (45 views)
  4. Where Are You From? (41 views)
  5. Deadly Eruption at Mount Ontake (39 views)
  6. Commentition: The September 2014 Edition (39 views)

My most popular post in September that was written before September was yet again The Power of Introverts – From TED with 48 views.

Posts that I think need more love (meaning you should read them!) are:


I managed to get one review up.  I still have two more to post, though those should come shortly.  September’s lone review is:

Social Media

Let’s take a look at a couple of the social media platforms I use.

On Twitter, I have 2,113 followers, an increase of 55, while I follow 2,155, an increase of 50.  I have 6,079 tweets, making that 79 tweets in September.

On YouTube, I have 35 subscribers, which is a decrease of 2.  I wasn’t very busy in September with videos, and they were mostly my daughter, so some people weren’t that interested in it.  There are a total of 6,527 views, with only 292 in September. I have some big things coming up for YouTube this month, though.

Looking Ahead to October

September was a disappointing month for me, despite the fact that I had good view numbers for the number of posts I made.  I was quite busy with Embassy stuff, as well as getting sick didn’t help. I had low motivation while I was sick.

I have a few big things coming in October.  First is a new YouTube channel.  I’ve decided to split off my daughter’s videos into another channel that’ll feature her and me trying to talk to each other, some things educational, some things fun.  I’ll focus my book and Japan videos on my main channel.

Another is part 3 of Journey to Ariadne.  It’s finished now, but just needs editing and critiquing.  Part 4 is ready to go soon, too.

Worldbuilding continues this month, and I have a lot to teach about.  It should be very interesting, so keep an eye out for that.

And of course, I’ll have at least 4 reviews this month.  That’s right, I’m going to get that many done.

Thanks to all my readers!