What Will You Write? – The End?

Well, it’s been nearly four weeks and only one entry for the seventh What Will You Write?  It started out strongly, but fizzled out.  So, what should I do?

I have a three options:

1. Continue as always (or change things up a little). Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the way to go.

2. Take a hiatus.  This is a possibility.

3. Just stop altogether.  This is also a possibility.

I’m leaning towards number 3, to be honest.  While I’ve enjoyed doing this, I feel that my time can be better applied to writing.  I also would rather join flash fiction challenges.

What do you think?  I’d like your opinions.

10 thoughts on “What Will You Write? – The End?”

  1. Personally, I just haven’t had time to participate lately, and I’m sorry for that. 😦
    If it were me, though, I’d probably keep going, but make spread it out so that there’s a good bit of time between each one, and also advertise them a little more in ways other than on your blog. 🙂

    1. Well, I actually do advertise more than on my blog. I advertise quite a bit using several methods, including twitter, facebook, google+, and forums. I get a lot of people viewing, but few actually joining.

  2. Well, since I gave the last prompt, I suggest we award #7 to the only entry, which was a very original and quality one, and move on. I agree with TraceyLynn, you’ve got people revving up for this fall’s NaNoMoWri or whatever the acronym is, and busy with lots and lots of “stuff.”
    Maybe make a quarterly out of it? I have enjoyed the opportunity, and yours was the first flash fiction I tried. Really liked it as a feature.
    Your writing time is precious, too. And trying to whoop up others to join in a flash fiction writing program takes a lot of effort an energy, and I applaud you!
    So, with TraceyLynn and me, that’s two votes to keep going, but space it out, and if that still doesn’t work, let it go.
    With fond appreciation,

    1. There are still a few hours to go, so we’ll wait until tonight. If there are no more entries, we’ll have to give it to the only entry. In that case, can you still write up why you enjoyed the story?

      I’m beginning to lean more toward going on a break until NaNoWriMo is finished, and doing a bit of a modification to the rules. 1000 words may seem daunting to some.

  3. I also think you should try at least one more (meaning an eighth challenge) before quitting due to lack of entries.

    If you can’t spare the time, that’s a different story, but slowing down without stopping entirely could still be a possibility.

  4. I suggest waiting until after November for the reasons stated above by the others, and then probably at the start of the new year bring it back but, also like others have said, do them less frequently. I know as far as I myself am concerned that the frequency of the challenges is what deterred me from entering past the first. Overall I think it is a really good challenge to have though.

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