Flash Fiction #7 – Fishing for Votes (Flash! Friday)

For the second week in a row, I’ve entered Flash! Friday and I’ve got another quick flash fiction for you.  The prompt for this one was to include a politician and base the story on a photograph of a couple men fishing in Yugoslavia.  Although the photo has them using nets, I used something a bit different.  Check it out:

Fishing for Votes

The motorboat parted the coastal waters of the northern Pacific Ocean. Two fishing rods bobbed with the motion of the waves.

“Tell you what, Carl,” said the thin man. “If you catch something impressive, I’ll back you.”

Carl smiled and leaned back in his seat. “You know I’ll win, Jeff.”

“We’ll see. You’re an amateur at this.”

“I may just have raw talent,” he said as he noticed his rod bending down and the left. “This amateur’s got something.”

“Beginner’s luck.”

Carl snatched his fishing rod and reeled in the fish. He pulled up and grunted. “It’s a big one.”

“Probably seaweed,” Jeff said, laughing.

Carl fought the fish, but slowly, the fishing line came up from the depths. The fish slapped its tail on the surface and Carl pulled it in.

“Damn, it’s a king salmon. I guess I’ll have to back your nomination for party leadership.”

Carl grinned. “Too bad I can’t be king.”

Hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for reading!


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