Live-blogging Typhoon Phanfone

Typhoon Phanfone is on its way to the Tokyo region, and will hit tomorrow morning.  But today, it’ll be a rainy day.  I’m going to update when I can on Typhoon Phanfone (also known as Typhoon 18 in Japan).  Below, you can see the pictures from my phone.

First is the current location of the typhoon.  After that, it’s the current rain in the area (my location is the blue dot).  The next picture is the current weather and the forecast for the next few hours.  Nothing special.  Just rain.  And finally is a live shot of what the weather is like outside.





My live posts may not be as nicely done as this post.  I’m using my computer to write this post.  The others will be done as they happen with my iPhone WordPress app.

As for the typhoon, it’s supposed to be just a rainy day today.  Not strong wind, not heavy rain.  But cool.  Tomorrow is when the typhoon hits, and it’s supposed to be very heavy rain in the late morning to early afternoon.  That’s when I go to work.  How wonderful.  Afternoon is supposed to be hot and sunny, though.

So, keep watching for updates.  I’ll try update every few hours when I have the time.


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