Live-blogging Typhoon Phanfone – A Sudden End

Around my home, the rain suddenly ended. I was quite surprised. It’s warmer now, too. There’s blue sky to the west, which is a good sign. As for the flooding, I was in for a surprise. The first picture is next to my apartment. It’s usually about 4 metres down to water level. It’s now almost cresting. The Hikiji River, which I mentioned before, is also very high. More than halfway up to the street level. I’ve never seen the rivers like this before.




Now, I’m waiting at the train station. All lines are stopped at the moment. Not sure when they’ll start.

Live-blogging Typhoon Phanfone – Evacuation Order

Things just got serious. There are evacuation orders for Fujisawa around the Hikiji and Sakai rivers, mainly closer to the ocean. It does not affect my area, though I live somewhat near the Hikiji River. As you can see with the forecast, the rain is 50 mm/h. That is incredibly heavy! No wonder there are flood warnings.

Anyway, all of this should be over in the next hour or so.