Reflecting on the Typhoon

In honour of my live-blogging, I’m posting this from my iPhone app. The last two days were quite the experience. I’d never blogged like this before, but I thought it was quite successful. I’m glad I could keep people apprised of the situation.

After the typhoon, the weather was beautiful. It became very sunny and hot, reaching 31 degrees. My train finally started at 12:30 pm, but it ran very slowly. I would say this was probably the worst typhoon I’ve experienced, though not the worst damage. A typhoon three years ago left a lot of fallen trees and damaged buildings, but this one had more rain and flooding. It was apparent in my photos of the rivers from yesterday. From what I’ve heard, two people are missing in Yokohama.

Now, here’s a little news. Another typhoon is coming to Japan.

October is typhoon season, so I’m not surprised.

As for the blog, I had a crazy couple of days. My old record was 151 views in one day. Yesterday, it reached 257. Talk about a big day. Now things will go back to normal.