Typhoon Vongfong – Here We Go Again

Look at this map. Guess what that is.

Yes, it’s another typhoon.  Just a week after Typhoon Phanfone hit and nearly flooded the river next to my apartment, Typhoon Vongfong is going to hit nearby.  But the thing is, Vongfong is stronger.  Much stronger.  It’s said that this is the strongest tropical cyclone in the world this year.  It’s a super typhoon, equivalent to a category 5 hurricane.  However, the impact may be less here, since the expected path is a bit to the west of here.  The worst will be around late Monday to early Tuesday.

So, should I live-blog again?

Just a little extra thing here.  I was contacted by a producer for The Weather Channel after she watched a video I made about Phanfone this week.  I may be speaking with them about Vongfong next week.