Arachnophobes, Don’t Look

Is there anything you really don’t like?  Something that can give you nightmares?  How about this?

Golden silk orb-weaver spider.

This is a golden silk orb-weaver spider.  They can be found all over the world with various colours and patterns.  But they’re all quite big and build elaborate webs.  Although I’m not fond of spiders, I do have to admit that these are quite beautiful.  I even took a video of it.

So, that was about as close as I could get to it.  I really don’t like spiders.  I find them creepy.  They have a venom that is quite strong, but it’s not lethal to humans.  We’d survive when bitten, but we’d feel a lot of pain in the area of the bite.  I’ll stay away from them.

So, what’s your nightmare?  Can’t wait to read your comments.

11 thoughts on “Arachnophobes, Don’t Look”

  1. I love those spiders. They are really gorgeous, and for the most part they do keep to themselves. I had the *pleasure* of a huge Brown Huntsman invading my house last week (I actually just blogged about it!)… that wasn’t fun at ALL.

    1. I’ve had that happen. There was a huntsman in my apartment a couple months ago, and it was just a little one. A mere 10 cm across. It’s since disappeared, and I can only imagine where it is now. It either left or it’s still hiding amongst our boxes in the living room.

        1. Yeah. They’re pretty harmless. But the only cockroaches I’ve found are the ones in the entrance. You know, the ones that crawl in under the door. I killed and got rid of both that I found a couple weeks ago. Can’t stand them.

  2. I don’t mind spiders, or most bugs — most animals, really. I do a lot of bug-and-gecko catch-and-release at my house and workplace. The only ones that give me the creeps are centipedes/millipedes, euuugh. Maybe it’s all the legs.

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