Introversion Does Not Mean…


Being introverted doesn’t mean a person is shy.  Sure, I used to be shy when I was a kid, but I’m not now.  I’m still introverted.  Shyness implies a social awkwardness.  Shy people are very self-conscious about how they look, how they behave, and have trouble interacting with people.  Introverts are often quite comfortable being quiet listeners.  See me at a party being quiet?  I’m not being shy.  I’m just relaxing and enjoying the conversations around me.  Sure, you’re sucking my energy away, but it doesn’t mean I dislike social interaction. I actually enjoy it.


A lot of extroverts seem to think that introverts are boring, mainly because they don’t have much to say.  You should see what goes on inside our minds.  We are intense and deep thinkers.  We think about everything that goes on around us, what’s happening in the world, anything.  We have so many very thoughtful and creative ideas that we don’t know where to start.  Many of us actually have the same interests as you, we just don’t scream, shout, and laugh about it.


Some are.  But there are many introverted leaders.  Take a look here.  Abraham Lincoln was introverted.   Bill Gates is introverted.  Those are just two examples.  Introverts tend to be calm in times of stress, think their decisions through carefully, and are very good at preparation.  Sounds like a good leader to me.

Something is wrong

Introverts are normal.  We just deal with energy in a different way than extroverts.  I gain energy through reading, solitary walking, blogging, and urban exploration.  I lose energy by being at noisy parties, bars, and clubs.  If you see me sitting there not talking, but watching, nothing is wrong.  I’m just recharging.

Extroverts, do yourselves and us a favour, try to understand how we do things.  Ease yourselves into a conversation with us, and you may find that we’re quite talkative and very interesting.  That is if we like you.

10 thoughts on “Introversion Does Not Mean…”

  1. “You should see what goes on inside our minds.” Oh man! I couldn’t agree more with this right here. I say so little sometimes (of actual importance), but oh man the gears in my noggin are always whirrin’. I’ve learned to adapt my personality in certain ways to the Army culture (that is, never a friggin’ second alone), but the introvert I am is always there, in my brain and body, begging for some time apart.

    1. With everything going on in my head, I never get bored. Other people often say they’re bored. I don’t. Time alone isn’t boring. In fact, it’s when I’m at my best. I can do a lot when alone. Not sure how I’d handle never being alone.

      1. I’ve learned how to deal with it. I am quite adept at tuning shit out at this point. 😀 I feel the same about “boredom,” though – something I’ve never had to contend with. There’s always somethin’ going on in this head.

        1. Japan has a rather introverted society. People behave like “typical introverts” in Japan, even if they aren’t. It’s just society’s expectations of behaviour in public. Kind of makes me more comfortable here. But my job requires me to be outgoing for 8 hours a day.

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