Fantastic Response

Just two days ago, I posted about an idea I had for a weekly feature with questions answered by authors.  Well, I’ve had 8 people respond with an interest.  I didn’t expect that much of a response.  So, thank you for your interest!

With that said, I do have room for 2 more people.  I’d like to limit it to 10 people so that I won’t get overwhelmed by so many answers every week.

What’s going to happen is that I will start this weekly feature in November.  I’d like to get the email addresses of each of you, so please send me a message through the form on my About page.  I have some of your email addresses, though.

If you’re curious about who has offered to join, here’s the list:

  1. Tracey Lynn Tobin
  2. Jean Davis
  3. Elizabeth Rhodes
  4. H. Anthe Davis
  5. C. K. Rich
  6. D. T. Nova
  7. Linda G. Hill
  8. Amy M-J (blog not active yet?)

For these 8 people, I have some instructions for you.  Please send me an email through my About page form, and give me this information:

  1. Your name as you’d like it displayed on the blog with your answers, as well as your contributor page.
  2. Any links to your blogs, websites, and social media that you’d like shown on your contributor page.
  3. A short bio for your contributor page.

In the future, we can work on a more complete bio page for you, but we’ll do up some placeholders for now.

After I have all of your email addresses, I’ll send you out the questions.  I think it would be easiest to send out a month’s worth of questions.  Depending on the month, it’ll be 4 or 5 questions.  It’ll be much easier to get the answers organised if we do them all at once, and we won’t be missing anyone for any of the posts.

As a bonus, I’ll see if I can get a guest question answerer occasionally.  If anyone knows a fairly well-known or established author who is open to interview questions, please let me know.  That would be fantastic.

The comments section below would be happy to see some discussion about this.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  Or you could just leave a comment.  Thanks!