Things that Will Happen Today…Maybe

I had big plans for this morning.  Edit Part 3 of Journey to Ariadne and post it.  Yeah, that’s not likely to happen.

So, what’s the problem?  My daughter is hanging all over me.  She refuses to play on her own, which she was doing the moment before I sat down to edit.  She seems to have a kind of write-dar (writing radar?).  She’ll play happily on her own, but whenever I go to my computer to do any kind of writing, she comes over to me and begs me to play with her.  I don’t know how she does it.

So, here are some things I plan to do today, but may be completely disrupted by my daughter:

  • Edit Journey to Ariadne part 3 and post it.
  • Write contributor pages for those who have sent their bios to me.
  • Send out November questions to those who have given me their email addresses.
  • Write a review of The Somali Doctrine.

I’ll interrupt this list with something new.  My daughter just tied up a measuring tape into knots, and is now throwing a tantrum because I put it away.

And now she’s called me over because a tear dripped on the floor.

Okay, she’s over her tantrum now, and I can continue writing this.


She came over to me and is now crying.

I think I’ll end this post.  Comments are welcome.  I’d love to read them.  It would lighten the mood.