Okay, Fine, I’ll Do NaNoWriMo

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month
Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

Thanks to a little push from Winter Bayne, I decided I’ll do NaNoWriMo.  But I don’t think I’ll be reaching the goal at all.  Probably not even close.

What I’ll be doing is continuing to write Journey to Ariadne.  Only parts 4 and after will count, as I’ve already written part 3.  Maybe this’ll give me a push to get it written more quickly.  It would be nice if I could make good progress.

If you’re participating, add me as a buddy. So, who’s taking part?

The Trilogy (Series) Cliffhanger

I read a lot of series and trilogies.  They’re very common in science fiction and fantasy, and they seem to be the rule rather than the exception.  The author creates a world, which is a lot of work, so why not use it more?  But the transition between books needs to be handled carefully.

There seem to be a couple ways to do this transition.  One is to conclude each book’s story with a link between the volumes.  Each book must have a resolution.  The other way is to have one long story with acts split into separate books.  Let me look at a couple books I recently read.

The first book, one I’ve already finished reviewing, follows the second form.  George R. R. Martin seems to be a master at this.  A Storm of Swords is the third book in A Song of Ice and Fire, which has a continuous story throughout the books.  But one thing he does is tie up a lot of storylines at the end of each book and set it up to continue.  Every character has a story that continues on, but they all have well-defined stages.  Martin does very well with writing a story that shows resolution in each book, yet sets things up perfectly for the next book.  And what he does with this is create some great cliffhangers.  I really want to see what happens next.  That’s the right way to do it.

The second book, which I have finished, but have not reviewed yet seems to do it in the first way.  Each part has a complete story with a full resolution.  The battle is finished, but the war continues.  So, the remaining parts go on with the war and the adventure.  I won’t name the book, since I don’t want to give you the review just yet.  With that being said, I found that this book didn’t succeed with creating a good transition.  The goal of the book was achieved.  They succeeded in their quest, defeated the bad guy, and got ready for the next stage in their adventure.  However, instead of hinting at the next adventure and setting it up, it actually started the next adventure.  I thought they were going to finish this whole thing right in this book.  Instead, as they’re partaking in this second adventure, the book stops and says that it continues in book two.  What?  I felt very let down. I didn’t feel the tension you create in a cliffhanger.

The point I’m trying to make here is that a cliffhanger must be in the right place in the story.  Put it after one story is resolved, and just as the next adventure is about to start.  Don’t start the next one!  What you get is a complete story plus an incomplete one that leaves you wondering why it was included.

What do you think?  Am I overreacting? Leave a comment below.

Month in Review – October 2014

October, the month of two typhoons.  That was quite a month for the blog, as well.  I broke some records.  The blog now has 566 followers, an increase of 32.

October Stats

After a slow September, I thought October would be better.  And it was.  By a long way.  The busiest day was October 6th with a total of 257 views.  That was the biggest ever.  There were 4 days with more than 100 views.  Best ever, too.  And October had a total of 2,129 views, exceeding 2,000 for the first time. The total is now 21,331 views.  There were 49 posts in October, bringing the total to 636.

The month ended with 3,298 comments, 228 coming in October.  Only a slight improvement over September.

The top 10 (11) countries were:

  1. United States (1,245 views)
  2. Japan (258 views)
  3. Canada (190 views)
  4. United Kingdom (97 views)
  5. Australia (49 views)
  6. India (29 views)
  7. Singapore (18 views)
  8. Spain (16 views)
  9. Lebanon (10 views)
  10. Philippines (9 views)
  11. Pakistan (9 views)

Top Posts

The top 5 most popular posts written in October were:

  1. Live-blogging Typhoon Phanfone (73 views)
  2. Live-blogging Typhoon Phanfone – Late Night Fun (62 views)
  3. Live-blogging Typhoon Phanfone – It Has Arrived (52 views)
  4. Live-blogging Typhoon Phanfone – Evacuation Order (51 views)
  5. Questions Answered by Authors (49 views)

My most popular post written before October was the often popular INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality with 42 views.

Posts that deserve another look, but weren’t given enough love were:


I got only 2 of the 4 reviews I promised last month, but I have 2 finished books that I’ll be reviewing very shortly.  But here are last month’s reviews:

Social Media

Let’s see how Twitter and YouTube are going.

On Twitter, I have 2,170 followers, an increase of 57, while I follow 2,214, an increase of 59.  I have 6,165 tweets in total, 86 coming in October.

YouTube was very slow this month, as I’ve fallen behind on videos thanks to YouTube being incredibly slow at processing and uploading videos recently.  Kind of frustrating.  I still have 35 subscribers, which is unchanged.  There are 6,800 views, with only 273 in October.  I told you it was slow.

Looking Ahead to November

It’s the anniversary of my start of daily blogging here, and I’ve made some big strides over the year.  Look for at least 3 book reviews coming up.  I’ll have some short books coming soon, as well.

Part 3 of Journey to Ariadne will finally be posted on my official site, so look forward to that.  I also will work on part 4, part 5, and maybe more, if I can find the time.  I’ve been encouraged to join NaNoWriMo, but we’ll see.

Thanks for reading, and thank you everyone for the best month yet!