Unleash The Power of Video Marketing!

This is an interesting thought. YouTube is possibly a powerful promotion tool. A lot of people promote their books on social media, but how often do they use video? Actually, do you use video to promote your books? Do you want to use video to promote your books? Check out this blog post.

International Book Promotion


This chart shows you why you should be using video marketing as one of the marketing ways to promote books! Unleash the power of video marketing via book trailers and author interviews offered by Internationalbookpromotion.com

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6 thoughts on “Unleash The Power of Video Marketing!”

  1. Will come back later to check out the reblog. I am constantly brainstorming ideas to use my vlogs to market The Soul and other works, but I always second-guess myself. “That’s a dumb idea.” “Not impactful enough.” “I’ll sound like a dork.” Things I’m growing comfortable with, slowly but surely. :]

    1. I know what you mean. When I first started appearing on video, I felt silly, and could never get through a take without restarting 5 or 6 times. I can now do an entire take without cutting and editing together videos.

      1. Haha I’m nit quite that proficient yet, though I am able to get through more with less takes and way less time. Plus my editing is gettin’ better as well.

        But holy hell, 1 billion users. So much potential audience!

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