Encyclopedias – A Window into My Passions

What is an encyclopedia?  Is it just a collection of knowledge?  Sure, it is that.  But it’s also something that can tell you about my passions.

You see, when I was a child, I loved to read.  And what I read the most were encyclopedias.  Even at the age of seven, there wasn’t anything I loved reading more than an encyclopedia.  I looked at everything, though I particularly enjoyed the entries on science, countries, geography, and history.  Doesn’t exactly sound like a seven year old, does it?  Well, this fascination with knowledge extended throughout my life up to today.  I find myself losing track of time reading Wikipedia, looking up various facts, tracing back some country’s royalty’s genealogy, reading about the changes in the boundaries of the Roman Empire, looking deeper into the evolution of dinosaurs into birds, and so on.

My passion for knowledge and especially science led me to becoming the science nerd in my school.  I loved physics, chemistry, and biology.  I excelled in all of the sciences, which made it particularly difficult to choose a major when I went to university.  I had a choice of physics and astronomy or palaeontology and geology.  I went with the planets rather than our planet.  I did take a couple courses in geology, though.  I now write about space through science fiction, another passion of mine.  It seems that everything leads back to books.  And I want to share my passion for knowledge and writing with you.

I will work hard on my books, and I want to make them enjoyable, dramatic, and realistic.  And on this blog, I want to share with you knowledge about science, geography, and history, as well as the writing process, and my passion for reading.  I’ll be getting back to work on the Encyclopedia Entries, focusing on space, geology, biology, and geography.

You see, I read encyclopedias for fun, and I hope you’ll enjoy a taste of that.