Introducing the Author Contributors

With a very last minute addition, I’d like to introduce you to our full complement of author contributors for Authors Answer.  There are ten plus myself.

So, in order of joining:

Tracey Lynn Tobin, author of Nowhere to Hide.

H. Anthe Davis, creator of The War of Memory Project.

Caren Rich, author of The Fruitcake, and The Christmas Gift.

D. T. Nova, author of the upcoming novel Project Quintessence.

Amy Morris-Jones, author of the soon-to-be-published short story Everyone Smiles.

S. R. Carrillo, author of The Soul.

Linda G. Hill, author of the upcoming The Great Dagmaru.

Jean Davis, author of numerous published science fiction and fantasy short stories.

Elizabeth Rhodes, author of recently published short story Swamp Gas.

Paul B. Spence, author of The Fallen and The Remnant.

Please visit all of their bio pages to find out about them, as well as their websites.  Most of them are published, with others to be published in the future.  And of course, there’s one more contributor:

Jay Dee Archer, author of the upcoming Journey to Ariadne.

In a few hours, you will begin seeing the answers that all of these authors have given to this week’s question.  There’s a large variety of answers, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading them.  Every week on Friday, they’ll all be back with answers to a new question.

Until then, please say hello to the contributors in the comments.




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