Announcing an Astronomical Serial


This is the view I had today. Cloudy with a threat of rain. It’s cold today, though nothing like what my hometown is experiencing. The leaves are changing now, but most trees are still green. This kind of weather makes me want to be inside with a mug of hot chocolate. It’s great weather for writing, isn’t it?

As I was outside, I developed an idea I had for a series of short stories. In these stories, a dying man goes on a journey to fulfill a lifelong dream. He always wanted to go to the planets, and now he has some help from his friend, who happens to be a very rich man. But there’s a catch. It’s not just a leisure trip. He must do something for his friend while he explores the solar system.

With nine parts planned, this adventure among the planets will be written after I have completed Journey to Ariadne and while I write the first full-length Ariadne novel.

Keep checking back for more information about this and Journey to Ariadne.