Winter Is Coming – Wintery Books

This photo is a repeat from the last post. Snow!
This photo is a repeat from the last post. Snow!

With all that snow falling in Canada, it’s almost time for winter.  I refuse to accept winter, since it’s 22 degrees outside here today.  But there are many books that have a winter or snowy theme.

Of course, the title of this post refers to A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin (most of you would be familiar with the title A Game of Thrones).  There are so many books about winter, it’s probably impossible to compile a complete list.  But I’d like your help.

Can you think of a few winter or snow themed novels?  Leave a comment with the titles, as well as your favourite.

Got Snow?

I’ve been hearing a lot about snow in North America in the past week. Where I live, snow is unlikely to fall until January or February, and it may not even fall at all. The climate in the Tokyo region is too mild for much snow.

However, last winter gave us two big snowstorms. And it sure did wreak havoc with transportation.  It was the day after Valentine’s Day, and I had to go to work.  However, since the trains were all stopped, we didn’t start work until the early afternoon.  I left early so I could get there, but the buses were stopped for the day.  I had to walk the 2.5 km to the station.  It turned out that the snow was so wet that the roads were like rivers.  The snow and water covered my feet completely, resulting in soaking wet shoes and feet.  Very cold and uncomfortable.  I saw several cars stuck, even though they had chains on the tires.  It was a remarkable experience.  This much snow in Canada is normal, but it’s dry.  Here, it turned into a slushy mess that flooded streets and made it treacherous for walking.  I did make it to work on time, but I had to spend he day with wet socks.

Take a look at the pictures I took that day.









Maybe it doesn’t seem so incredible for people in Canada and a lot of the US, but it was a big deal for people here.  Remember, this stuff was heavy and wet.  It was rather unpleasant to walk through.

So, got snow where you are?