Where in the World Are You From?

Where are my readers from?  This is from yesterday.


As you can see, the United States is first by a long way.  Most of my readers are American.  However, I’m Canadian and I live in Japan, so my next two tend to be Canada and Japan.  Usually, the UK and Australia follow behind in fourth and fifth place.  But what if I look at the top five of each continent?  Sounds interesting.

So, here are the stats for visitors by continent, starting back on February 25, 2012, when WordPress began tracking visitor countries.

North America

  1. United States 11,975
  2. Canada 2,342
  3. Mexico 19
  4. Guatemala 12
  5. Costa Rica 5

No surprise about the top two, though everything from Central America was uncertain.  They mostly speak Spanish.

South America

  1. Brazil 65
  2. Argentina 25
  3. Chile 8
  4. Guyana 6
  5. Colombia 6

Again, no surprise about the top two.  Guyana is English speaking, though.


  1. The United Kingdom 1,245
  2. Germany 171
  3. Norway 163
  4. France 102
  5. Netherlands 79

Top one is obviously going to be the UK.


  1. Japan 2,451
  2. India 374
  3. South Korea 264
  4. Singapore 145
  5. Philippines 130

Since I live in Japan, a lot of expats visit my blog.  My Japan blog is mostly views from Japan and USA with Japan edging the Americans by a little.


  1. South Africa 64
  2. Egypt 17
  3. Nigeria 14
  4. Ethiopia 11
  5. Morocco 7

Just don’t get much from Africa, other than South Africa.


  1. Australia 605
  2. New Zealand 167
  3. Guam 1

Well then, I’m not popular in the Pacific Islands.  Not that they have much population.

So where are you reading from?