Human Interaction with the Environment

Something I’m interested in is how we interact with the environment.  In recent years, we’ve been seeing negative effects of our interaction with the world, resulting in pollution, climate change, and deforestation.

But I’m also interested in the positive aspects, such as architectural design, engineering, technology, public art, and how we use nature in a positive way.  Because of this, I’m often looking around at what I see in cities and towns, and thinking about how we have used the land for our own purposes.  I agree that we need to think of ways that are friendly to the environment.

So what I’m thinking of doing is starting a photo blog focusing on these things.  Unlike my iPhone photo blog, Mainichi Dokodemo Photography, I’ll be focusing on subjects and taking several photos for each blog post.  I will look at architecture (both old and new), technology, public spaces, gardens, and so on.  I want to look mostly at the aesthetics, but also function.  And I also want to contrast the old and new.

I plan to start this new blog after I’ve caught up with my backlog of photos for my iPhone photo blog.  I don’t want to confuse the photos and post them on two blogs.  So, look forward to it in the future.

5 thoughts on “Human Interaction with the Environment”

  1. You run so many blogs! I had two for like a few months and almost immediately decided I was not adept enough to maintain frequent, quality content for both. These sound like some pretty interesting photos, though. Especially in a country with so MANY people.

    1. Most of my blogs just sit there, actually 🙂 I’m really only active with two blogs at the moment, though I really should update my Japan blog more often. That used to be my baby. I had such big plans for it, but it’s become a bit slow in the past year as I’ve concentrated on this blog.

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