I Will Change the World with Education

One of my biggest passions is to help improve people’s knowledge.  I want everyone to have good access to education.

One of the things that is sorely lacking these days is science education.  Many people find it dry and boring, and many don’t realise just how important it is.  Without science, we wouldn’t have so many industries: medicine, computers, cell phones, transportation, television, movies, music recording, architecture, video games, and so on.  A lot of people place a high value on entertainment. Well, the entertainment industry requires science to be able to work.  All the technology required needs a good science education to engineer and manufacture. Science is also needed to improve technology, medicine, and environmentally friendly energy and materials.  Nearly everything is touched by science.

What I am doing to encourage an interest in science is to write about it.  I am using my blog to provide interesting information, as well as important issues related to science.  Not only do I want people to have good information, but I want them to find it interesting as well.  If it’s not interesting, many people won’t want to spend any time on it.  I want to share my love for science with everyone, and especially encourage young people to take an interest in it.  We need more scientists to help improve the environment, medicine, and technology.

What can you do to change the world?  Join this project to help encourage others to do the right thing and make the world a better place to live.  Write a blog post about what you do or could do to help your community, country, or other people become better.  If you need some ideas, you can find some on the Change the World project’s main page.  When you have finished, please nominate at least one other blogger to answer this challenge and link to their blog.  Also, please link back to the person who challenged you.  Include this text in your blog post.  You are under no obligation to take part in this. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

I nominate the following people:

Looks like the Authors Answer group, doesn’t it?  I’m the first to do this, so I can’t link back to the person who nominated me.