Month in Review – November 2014

November saw the start of Authors Answer, which has proven to be quite popular.  The month was pretty busy, though it didn’t reach October’s numbers.  It almost did! October had the number of views boosted by live-blogging two typhoons.  November didn’t have that advantage, which shows that the past month was a statistically better month. This blog now has 606 followers, an increase of 40.

November Stats

While October had wild fluctuations and an artificially boosted daily average because of live-blogging, November had a more consistent number of daily views.  The busiest day was November 21st with 96 views.  Not one day reached 100.  November had a total of 2,033 views, making it the second consecutive month with more than 2,000 views.  That brings it to a total of 23,364 views.  There were 40 posts in November, bringing it to 676 total posts.

The month ended with 3,662 comments, 364 comments coming in November.  That’s a big improvement!

The top 10 countries were:

  1. United States (1,467 views)
  2. Canada (142 views)
  3. United Kingdom (96 views)
  4. Japan (69 views)
  5. Australia (27 views)
  6. India (22 views)
  7. Norway (20 views)
  8. Austria (19 views)
  9. Spain (9 views)
  10. Ireland (8 views)

Top Posts

The top five most popular posts written in November are:

  1. Authors Answer 1 – Writing Studio (68 views)
  2. Authors Answer 2 – Guilty Pleasure (55 views)
  3. Authors Answer 3 – Character Beliefs (53 views)
  4. Human Behaviour Mysteries (50 views)
  5. Writers, Do You Also Do Art? (49 views)

My most popular post written before November was yet again INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality with an impressive 93 views.

Posts that you really should read are:


I got only 1 review written for the month, though 2 are on the way.  Actually, make that 3 on the way, because I’m about to finish reading a book tonight.  Here is this month’s only review:

Social Media

Let’s check out my Twitter and YouTube accounts.

On Twitter, I have 2,230 followers, an increase of 60, while I follow 2,276, an increase of 62.  I may have to do a little bit of a cleanup of inactive accounts soon.  I have 6,225 tweets in total, 60 coming in November.  I’m slacking a bit on Twitter, I know. I need to do some more on there.

On YouTube, I’ve had a very slow month.  YouTube had been taking its time processing videos, so I kind of lost motivation to upload while it was being a pain.  I have 35 subscribers, which is unchanged from last month.  There are 6,957 views in total, with 157 coming in November.  Like I said, very slow month.

Looking Ahead to December

I’m kind of expecting late December to be a bit slow, mostly because a lot of people will be on vacation, and so will I.  I’ll keep up the daily posting, including the days I’m on holiday.

Authors Answer has been an incredible success, and will continue with four more questions for December.  I’ll be working on getting three reviews done, as well.  And I have a big project in the works regarding Hugo and Nebula Awards.  It’s a kind of interesting exercise, but you’ll see when the first part is up.

I look forward to more interactions with my readers in December!