Flash Fiction #9 – The Dragons of Mount Fuji (Flash! Friday)

It’s time for Flashversary at Flash! Friday, and that means that there are actual prizes for winning.  Their theme was quite open, so any genre was fine.  However, it had to be based on the picture shown, which involved fire.  Dragons are optional.  I decided to include dragons.  Usually their limit is 140-160 words.  This time, they wanted exactly 150 words.  So, here is my entry:

The Dragons of Mount Fuji

They said there were no dragons. I now know this is not true.

I’m safe in my steel and concrete apartment building. Smoke is rising from the mountain. The smouldering city around me is covered in a grey ash. But it wasn’t like this yesterday.

It started with a rumble. The dragons awoke with a roar and burst from the mountain surrounded by smoke from their fire. Lightning electrified the smoke. I didn’t know dragons could do that.

The announcements over loudspeakers, TV warnings, and our cell phones told us to close all windows and doors and stay inside. I stayed inside for hours watching the news. That’s all there was on TV. Fires ravaged the city. Ash obscured the view. The dragons were magnificent.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I opened the storm shutter. It was so grey! But there it was. I knew then that dragons were real.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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