We Have a Guest Contributor!

While Linda G. Hill is on a bit of a break during her adventure, I’m going to be welcoming a guest contributor to Authors Answer.

So, who is this mystery author?  Well, he’s a fantasy and science fiction author who has a long fantasy series published (he is traditionally published).  I’ll tell you who it is when he gets his answers to me.  You’re welcome to guess.

Were You a Stereotype?

When reading a book or watching a movie or TV show, I’ve often noticed the typical stereotypes. You know, like the jock, the nerd, the cheerleader, the goth, and so on. Were you a stereotype when you were a kid or teenager? How about now?

I was a nerd. I was always good at math and science, as well as computers. I was programming when I was 7, reading science books and encyclopedias, and I was very quiet. In high school, I moved into the geek category. Still a nerd, but I became a big Star Trek fan. Now, I’m still a geek. I still love science and Star Trek. But I’m also a big sci-fi and fantasy fan.

However, in school, I never wore a pocket protector or glasses. I played hockey. I was a strong skater. I loved skiing. My classmates in school thought I couldn’t do sports because I was a nerd, so always kept me as a goalkeeper. I hated that. Now, I’m not as quiet, I am often talking, and I love the outdoors and hiking. I guess I don’t fit the stereotypes 100%.

How about you?