So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Are you the kind of person who is always thinking of new ideas?  I definitely am.  I have no fewer than twelve book ideas.  Of course, I’m not working on all of them.  All but one are sitting on my computer, my phone, or on paper collecting new ideas as I think of them.  They’re not just sitting there collecting dust.

But I get ideas for many things.  Take this blog, for example.  I had an idea for the Hugo and Nebula Awards which I need to get to work on.  I also have a new idea for geography (in the Knowledge section of this blog) that I’ll talk more about as I get it started.  But I really need to focus on Journey to Ariadne, if I can get the quiet time I need.  I can do many things while being interrupted by my family, but not writing a book.  I need absolute solitude and uninterrupted time for that.  Holidays are coming.  I may get a little time.

Are you an idea factory with incredible storage capacity, but issues with timely production?