The Reason I Hate Winter

Let me tell you a little story about what life is like in winter in Japan.

There is very little insulation in apartment buildings and houses.  The windows are drafty, the doors are drafty.  There are open vents to the outside in the bathroom.  Sure, you can heat a home in winter, but it costs a fortune to use the air conditioner, and an oil or electric heater could be dangerous for my daughter to be around.  It’s incredibly cold inside.  The only warm place is in bed or while taking a shower or bath.  All other times, my fingers are cold, and in a constant fetal position when I’m sitting down.

Central heating would be nice.  Insulation would be nice.  Double or triple glazed windows would be nice.  That’s what I miss about Canada.  It may be cold outside, but at least you can keep it comfortably warm inside.

I Started a Religion While Washing Dishes

Inspiration comes from the strangest places.  As I was washing the dishes, I could let my mind wander, and I had a moment of amazing inspiration.  I created a new religion.

Well, this isn’t a real religion.  I haven’t become religious.  It’s for Ariadne.  I had actually already created this religion years ago in the early days of planning the world, but it wasn’t until tonight that I had a clear idea of how it started.  I ran a scene through my head as I was washing the dishes, and it seemed just right.

My biggest problem with this is that I won’t be writing this book for a while.  It’s going to take place in my first post-colonisation novel, and I don’t want to forget this.  I need to keep this idea in my mind and put it down on paper.  I’ll probably develop it more as the next couple days go on, as that’s usually what happens when I think up new story lines.

Well, that was my eureka moment of the week, I think.  Anyone else create a religion recently?