Current and Future Projects

First of all, this is post number 700! It seems I’ve written a lot, and I’m directing that writing energy to my fictional projects.

I made an update on my official page about Journey to Ariadne, but I’d like to reiterate what I said there.  I am currently finishing up Part 4, which is a rather short part of the story.  However, Part 5 should be very interesting.  I’m quite excited to write it.  Although the parts of Journey to Ariadne may seem fairly short, they are only puzzle pieces in a much larger narrative.  I’ll be putting them all together into a novel, which will give a much more complete picture of the story.  What I am not writing in the serial form of Journey is the point of view from Earth.  In the novel, you’ll get to see the other side of the story.

In addition to Journey to Ariadne, I have two books with the collective working title Ariadne: Origins that will show the early days of the colony.  There will be a trilogy that takes place around 300 years later, as well.  And that’s what’s currently planned.  I don’t think I’ll be finished with Ariadne after that.

I have also started two fantasy series.  One I started with NaNoWriMo a couple years ago, but found myself too busy to continue with it.  It will eventually be written.  It doesn’t have a title, though.  The second fantasy series will be a four book series with the working title Fractured.  Neither of these series will be worked on soon, however.

There’s another series I’ll be writing relatively soon, though.  It’s a science fiction series of nine short stories that will be released through Kindle and also available on Kindle Unlimited.  This is my experiment with KU.  It’s a story about a terminally ill man who decides to take the adventure of a lifetime and travel the solar system.  I think it’ll be fun, despite the fact that he has a terminal disease.

I sometimes think I have too many ideas.  But maybe this is a good thing.  At least this way I won’t run out of any ideas.

What are you looking forward to?