Marketing Myself

Authors have a product to sell, their books.  However, as they become more well-known, they also have to sell another thing, their own image.  Their names become a major selling point for their books.  That’s why you see best-selling authors have books with their names in larger print than the titles.  The author has become the product!

There’s something you’ll usually see on the inside of the back cover of a book, their website, their Twitter profile, and their Goodreads page: a picture.  I think I should have one.  I don’t think it needs to be professional, though.  Those pictures are small.  I’ve found that author photos tend to be one of two kinds, the standard portrait photo with a plain background and a more casual photo with an indoor or outdoor background.  I already have an outdoor photo that could do.  But I might want a new one.  All I need to do is get a haircut.  That’s today.

Do you think author photos are important?