Female Dominated Societies

Fantasy and science fiction tend to be dominated by male authors.  It seems that fantasy in general has cultures that are male dominated, mostly taking cues from history.  Science fiction is different, though.  It tends to have more balanced societies with neither being dominant.

I’m reading a couple of books right now that take things a bit differently.  In the science fiction book, the enemy alien is female dominated, and I actually haven’t seen any males at all. This has not been explained yet, but may be in the future.   In the fantasy book I’m reading, females dominate the culture, and men are considered to be inferior.

Looking at nature, there are species that are female dominated.  Many insects have much larger females, and even those that eat their male mates.  The same goes for fish.  It seems that most mammals and birds have larger males than females, though.  It seems as if endothermic animals (often referred to as warm blooded) are mostly male dominated, while ectothermic animals (known as cold blooded) offer a larger variety of both male and female dominated species.

In my Ariadne universe, there’s a tendency for women to have a particular advantage over men, which may lead to a more female dominated society.  I will likely explore that, in fact.

Are there any books you’ve read that have a female dominated society? Leave a comment with your suggestions.

10 thoughts on “Female Dominated Societies”

  1. In the Succession duology by Scott Westerfeld, there’s a post-human cyborg ‘race’ called the Rix which is all women. Very interesting just by itself, but the overall story is one of my favorites.

  2. The Wheel of Time explored a variety of societies explored by men and women. It went on to state that the greatest wonders were when men and women worked together. Why must societies or genres be dominated by anyone? Though, to be honest I’m a female sci fi writer with mostly male main characters…

    1. Yes, it does explore that. I’ve read the first two books so far.

      I’m a male sci fi writer with a balanced group of main characters. I actually like seeing strong female characters.

      1. I certainly don’t object to it, in fact I’m working on a project with a female lead now. But I do think a female lead is harder. Tough women in fiction are often accused of being b****y. Rather than deal with it, I just write male leads.

          1. Allow me to rephrase: Female leads are often SEEN as bitchy. Which is to say, we are so concerned about analyzing what minority/female leads do and why they are doing it, that you have to worry about every nuance and phrasing or it might be taken wrong. If you are writing most genres and the MC is male, people just read it as long as he doesn’t do anything blatantly offensive.

            1. Yeah, I get what you mean. I just meant that most female leads I’ve encountered weren’t bitchy. But maybe that’s just my point of view. Others may think otherwise.

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