Entertaining Dreams: Grammar, Buildings, and Hats

The title of this post doesn’t make much sense, does it? Well, dreams don’t make much sense, either.  I’ve had many nonsensical dreams, and they’ve always entertained me after I’ve woken up, if I could remember them.

I dream a lot, and I know it.  Well, everyone dreams a lot, just not everyone remembers them.  I usually forget my dreams within a minute or two of waking up, but I remember the feeling.  Sometimes, I have dreams so vivid that I can’t forget them.  I’ve had some insane dreams, and I’ve decided that I’m going to write about them from time to time.  These will be written as flash fiction or short stories, and they include flying, being attacked with an axe, running from trolls, chasing aliens, and resurrecting dogs.  Sound interesting?

Well, I don’t remember much about this morning’s dream, but it involved work.  You see, I teach English, so I often think of grammar.  My dream involved grammar, though I don’t remember what the grammar point was.  We were discussing something and we started a debate about whether or not buildings look good with hats on top.  I don’t mean architectural features, I mean actual hats.  Giant hats.

I would like to hear about some of your crazy dreams.  Share them below in the comments.  I think we’ll have some fun reading them.

Extreme Frost

It’s winter, and for many places that means snow. However, where I live in Japan, it means cool days and near freezing nights if it’s clear. Cloudy nights are usually above freezing. But when it’s been a bit humid and goes down below zero, we get frost. This is typical frost.


A nice dusting of frost on the green plant. Unlike Canada, many plants and trees continue to have green leaves through winter here, and many flowers bloom in December and January. Lots of vegetables and citrus fruit are harvested in winter, too.

Anyway, last week, I saw something that amazed me. I saw some extreme frost. It grew into thin ice crystals nearly 10 centimetres long. Take a look.





Isn’t nature wonderful?