My “Traditional” Japanese Christmas Dinner

Japan doesn’t have a long Christmas tradition, as it’s a more recent trend here.  It’s also mainly done to sell more things and make more money.  It’s entirely commercial.  It’s also a time for couples to go on dates and exchange gifts.  It’s typically not a family holiday, but parents will sometimes give their children gifts.  Also, it’s very difficult to find turkey here, so we have to make do with other things.

And that brings me to my Christmas dinner today.  This is the “traditional” Christmas dinner.  Just take a look.




That’s right, Kentucky Fried Chicken!  We had some regular KFC chicken, boneless chicken, French fries (no gravy in Japan), salad, and a “Christmas cake.”  It was actually a chocolate cake.  To many Japanese people, Christmas means cake.  They’re often very surprised to find out that cake isn’t a big tradition where I’m from.  Sure, people get fruitcake, but it’s often not really enthusiastically accepted.  I don’t have a picture, but they also dress up the Colonel Sanders statues outside the restaurants like Santa Claus.

I guess for many of you, Christmas is just getting started, while it’s coming to an end here.  Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your day.

Definitely Not Making My Yearly Reading Challenge

Looking at my Goodreads reading challenge of 30 books, I’m very far behind.  I’m at 18 books, and I may get to 19 if I finish Homeland. I’m also behind on doing reviews.  I have three to do, and I want to get them done before the end of the year.

So, what will I do with next year’s reading challenge?  Actually, I’ll go for 30 books again.  But this time, I’ll be spending some time in the evening reading before going to bed.  That should help a lot.

I’ve got myself a to-do list.  I need to update my reading list, but I’ll do that in the new year.  I have to do three critiques on Critique Circle before I can submit Journey to Ariadne part 4.  On that topic, I finally figured out a name for the ship that will take them to Ariadne.  Another thing to do is take a picture of Christmas dinner and post it here.  I’m having a “traditional” Japanese Christmas dinner.  Wait until you see what it is.  Can you guess?