Lots of Hate for Neil deGrasse Tyson

So, this happened.  I’m really curious about people’s thoughts.  I like Neil deGrasse Tyson.  I think he’s doing great things to help educate people on science and get people interested in astronomy.  However, he’s gotten a lot of conservative Christians angry.

So, Sir Isaac Newton was born December 25, 1642 (Julian calendar).  It’s a fact that can’t be changed.  Newton was a celebrated physicist.  I could see an astrophysicist wanting to celebrate his birthday.

So, December 25th was a Pagan holiday before it was Christmas. That’s a fact that can’t be changed, either.  What’s funny is that the traditions you see on Christmas aren’t even Christian traditions (the tree, presents, Santa.  And certainly not ham, because the Bible says pork should not be eaten).

Because Tyson is in the spotlight a lot, he gets vilified.  In my opinion, I don’t care one way or the other.  I’m not a Christian, and I don’t attack religion.  I like to get along with everyone.  But on the other hand, Tyson was just stating facts.  It’s how people interpret them that’s important.

Just my thought this morning. What do you think?  Happy Holidays, everyone.

Late Night Writing

I’m finding that these days, I’m most creative in the morning when I’m not near my computer or a notebook.  I’m usually crafting my stories in my head while I’m showering or walking.

Well, tonight, I actually spent some time in front of my computer doing something.  I finished Journey to Ariadne part 4.  It’s a short one, though.  It’ll go out for critiquing as soon as I’ve done some critiquing myself.  I don’t have enough credits on Critique Circle at the moment.

I’ll be getting to work on part 5 very soon. I’m actually quite excited about that part, but I don’t want to spoil it.  It’ll be a longer part of the story.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be finishing a part every two to three weeks.  That is my goal for 2015. If I can do it, I’ll be done by summer. After that, there’ll be some major editing to get a manuscript done. What you see in the online version will be very different than the novel version.  In fact, you’ll only get to see about half of what’s to be written online.

Keep checking back for updates on this blog.