2015 Will Be an Exciting Year

It’s 2015 now, and I have big plans.  So much to do, and I’m going to go for it.  I guess this is the standard New Year’s Resolution post.


This is the most important thing I need to focus on this year.  Journey to Ariadne has been slowly written up until now, but I’m planning to write for at least 15 minutes a day and get a part finished every two weeks.  And since I’ll be using Critique Circle a lot, I’ll be critiquing six times a month.  After I’ve finished the web serial, I will get to work on the novel itself, which will include the content of what you can read online, but expanded a lot.  It may not even be recognisable.  At the same time, I’ll be working on a new science fiction series of short stories that I intend to publish sometime next year through Amazon in a bit of a Kindle Unlimited experiment.

I’ll also be participating in Flash! Friday as often as I can.

This Blog

Expect two posts per day.  That’s right, at least 730 posts this year.  This is actually my fifth of the year already.  There are many things going on with this blog:

  • Authors Answer will continue every week (Fridays).
  • What Will You Write? will resume soon, and hopefully it’ll gain some more interest.
  • Encyclopedia Entries will continue with the moon series.
  • I’ll be asking a lot of questions for my readers regularly.  This has no schedule.
  • I’ll be looking at the countries that my readers live in, write some basic information about them, then ask those readers to recommend places to visit, food to eat, and activities to do in the country.
  • More interviews with authors.  In fact, if you’re an author and you want to be interviewed, then you can contact me on my About page.


I’ll be visiting a lot of blogs this year and commenting as much as I can.  I want to connect a lot, and hopefully gain some good acquaintances, or even friends.  I love the online blogging community I’ve gotten in touch with already.


I didn’t make my target of 30 books in 2014.  I’ll be setting another target of 30 this year, but I’ll change my reading habits.  Of course, I’ll continue to read during my commute and some of my lunch breaks, but I intend to read for at least 15 minutes before I go to bed every night.  I should be able to make my target that way.


My Mainichi Dokodemo Photography daily iPhone photo blog is far behind.  I’m still posting pictures from last spring.  I’ll eventually catch up.

I’m also going to start a new blog about architectural and technological design.


This will be my last full year in Japan, so we need to prepare for my wife’s immigration to Canada.  Lots of paperwork, but also cleaning, throwing out things we don’t need, preliminary job searches, and so on.  My daughter will also be more conversational, so I want to focus a lot on her ability to speak both English and Japanese, as well as recognise letters and Japanese characters.  Should be fun.

Online Studying

I’m going to continue with the online courses, though only one at a time.  No need to put stress on my time.  I also plan to work on languages, mainly Japanese and French, but also more with Spanish.

Immediate Future

There’s probably a lot I’m forgetting.  But tonight, I’ll be getting the ninth Authors Answer posted.  It’ll be a bit early in the day (just after midnight), but that’s because we have a very busy three days coming up.  I’ll still be posting twice a day, though mostly from my phone.  I’ll also try to keep up with the comments this way.  There are another couple of posts I plan to do in the next few days, one about the best and worst books I read in 2014, and one for what I’m reading in 2015.  Look forward to it!

What are you up to this year?

2014 in Numbers

Let’s look back at the stats for 2014.  I already posted the Annual Report for the year a couple days ago, but I wanted to focus on the actual numbers.

Here are the basic numbers:

  • Total views: 18,801 (4,375 in 2013, 2,531 in 2012)
  • Likes: 3,110 (425 in 2013, 300 in 2012)
  • Comments: 3,005 (321 in 2013, 278 in 2012)
  • Posts: 479 (138 in 2013, 104 in 2012)
  • Busiest day: October 6, 2014 (257 views)
  • Busiest month: December (2,343 views)
  • Least busy month: February (551 views)

Now for some top 10 lists.  There should be some interesting things in here.

Top posts written in 2014:

  1. 613 views – INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality
  2. 329 views – The Power of Introverts – from TED
  3. 160 views – What Will You Write? #1 – Neptune
  4. 114 views – What Will You Write? #2 – Precipice
  5. 105 views – Robin Williams Dead
  6. 102 views – What Will You Write? #7 – Good Fortune?
  7. 93 views – Deadly Eruption at Mount Ontake
  8. 82 views – What Will You Write? #4 – Electrical Box
  9. 77 views – The Best and the Worst of 2013
  10. 75 views – Live-blogging Typhoon Phanfone

Top posts and pages written before 2014 (number of views in 2014):

  1. 645 views – Book Review – Macbeth
  2. 441 views – What does an earthquake feel like?
  3. 314 views – About
  4. 111 views – Are Writers Introverts or Extroverts?
  5. 80 views – Costco – Bulgogi Bake
  6. 52 views – T.G.I. Friday’s – Jack Daniel’s Salmon
  8. 41 views – Word Count
  9. 40 views – Sushiro – Conveyor Belt Sushi
  10. 38 views – Book Review – The Grand Tour: A Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System

Most popular reviews (all years):

  1. 645 views – Macbeth
  2. 38 views – The Grand Tour: A Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System
  3. 37 views – The Kingdom and the Crown
  4. 35 views – The Somali Doctrine
  5. 34 views – 2061: Odyssey Three
  6. 28 views – A Storm of Swords
  7. 28 views – Life, the Universe and Everything
  8. 27 views – Speaker for the Dead
  9. 25 views – The Sword and the Dragon
  10. 25 views – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Number of views by country:

  1. 12,092 views – United States
  2. 1,855 views – Canada
  3. 1,130 views – Japan
  4. 1,088 views – United Kingdom
  5. 433 views – Australia
  6. 318 views – India
  7. 147 views – New Zealand
  8. 114 views – Singapore
  9. 113 views – Norway
  10. 103 views – Germany

There’s plenty that’s interesting there.  Macbeth is not only my most popular review, but also my most popular post.  But in general, my reviews get a modest number of views, while other discussion-based and writing-based posts get more views.  Authors Answer also does quite well, though not in the top 10.

How are your numbers?  Go ahead and post some of your numbers in the comments.  I’ll even accept links to your top posts.  Why not?  Self-promotion is fine!

Month in Review – December 2014

December was a month that I feel things moved ahead on the blog at a very satisfactory pace.  It ended up being the busiest month in terms of views and visitors, with the busiest time being the end of the month.  That was unexpected! The blog now has 658 followers, an increase of 52.

December Stats

December was keeping pace with October for most of the month, sometimes slightly slower.  However, a big increase at the end of the month with 3 of the last 4 days having more than 100 views boosted that.  The busiest day was December 28th with 147 views.  A total of 3 days reached 100 views, which was great.  There were 2,343 views in December, making it the best month yet.  That’s the third consecutive month over 2,000.  At the end of the month, there were a total of 25,707 views. There were 47 posts in December, bringing it to a total of 723.

The month ended with 3,967 comments, meaning there were 305 comments in December. That’s down a bit.

The top 10 (12) countries are:

  1. United States (1,684 views)
  2. Canada (156 views)
  3. United Kingdom (117 views)
  4. Japan (81 views)
  5. Australia (45 views)
  6. Germany (20 views)
  7. Norway (20 views)
  8. India (14 views)
  9. Sweden (12 views)
  10. Finland (11 views)
  11. Austria (11 views)
  12. Spain (11 views)

Top Posts

The top five most popular posts written in December were:

  1. Authors Answer 6 – Author Mistakes (71 views)
  2. Naming Fictional Technology (61 views)
  3. Authors Answer 8 – A Look at 2015 (56 views)
  4. Authors Answer 7 – Christmas Gifts for Authors (52 views)
  5. So Many Ideas, So Little Time (51 views)

My most popular post written before December was yet again INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality with a whopping 166 views.  Most popular in the entire month.

Posts that I think you should read, but didn’t get enough love are:


I got a big 4 reviews written in December, which means I’m all caught up.  The reviews are:

Social Media

Now on to Twitter and YouTube.

On Twitter, I have 2,315 followers, which is up by 85.  I follow 2,319, which is up by 43. I did a bit of cutting of Twitter accounts which have been inactive for months.  I finished with 6,346 tweets, which is up by 121. I was much more active in December.

On YouTube, I got back to posting some videos, but not so much.  I now have 38 subscribers, an increase of 3.  That’s the biggest increase in a while.  The month ended with 7,151 views, 194 in December.  That’s a bit better than November.

Looking Ahead to January

It’s the new year, and I have a lot of ideas for the year.  Of course, Authors Answer will continue strong, and I have plans to get to work on finishing 2 parts of Journey to Ariadne each month.  I also plan on writing at least 2 blog posts a day, many of which will be questions for my readers.  I want a lot of opinions this year.

The Hugo and Nebula Awards project is still coming, as well as many more Encyclopedia Entries.  I have an idea to visit every country where my readers live, of course not literally.  I’ll be writing posts about the countries and ask some questions about them.

January should be a big month! I look forward to it.

A New Year at the Beach

Today, we went to the beach to watch the sunrise.  However, it was cloudy over the eastern horizon.  While we didn’t get to see the sunrise, we did get to see Mt. Fuji turn pink.  We also did hatsumode, or the first shrine or temple visit in the new year.  We did that on Enoshima.  After that, we walked all the way home, more than 11 km.  Below is just a preview of the photos.  I’ll be posting all of the photos on my Japan blog later.

Mt. Fuji turning pink from the sunrise.
Incredibly crowded! This is at the base of the hill. We had to go all the way to the top.
A look back at Enoshima from the beach.

I’ll also be posting some 2014 in review posts, as well as the month in review post for December.  These will come later after I get a little bit of sleep.  I didn’t get much!