Toddler Dialogue

If you don’t have children or work with toddlers, it can be difficult to know how they talk. As I have an almost three-year-old, I get to hear how she speaks all the time. Maybe I’m in a less common situation, because she’s growing up to be bilingual.

Some things to remember are that toddlers have very limited vocabulary, they get verb tenses wrong much of the time, they’re limited to sentence fragments, usually use third person to talk about themselves, have bad pronunciation, and are obsessed with saying “no.”

Do you have any more ideas?

Authors Answer 9 – Favourite Genres

Most authors love to read.  But what exactly do they read?  Do they read the same genre that they write in? Or do they read something completely unexpected? It could be some form of fiction, non-fiction, comic book, or even the dictionary.  Let’s find out what our authors like to read.

20150101-234140-85300100.jpgQuestion 9: What are your favourite genres to read?

Elizabeth Rhodes

My favorite genres to read are the same as the genres I like to write.  That would be science fiction, fantasy, and a little mystery or crime thrown in.  I have a soft spot for post apocalyptic or dystopic science fiction and dark fantasy.

Linda G. Hill

I’ll read just about any genre as long as it really draws me in. But the stories that I love the most are ones with a twist in them – something you don’t see coming. I find twists happen more in mysteries and thrillers or horror stories. Having said that, I love a great fantasy novel. “Lord of the Rings” is a huge favourite of mine. I also love anything deeply psychological. I’m fascinated by the workings of the human mind.

Caren Rich

Mystery, fantasy, and Southern.  Southern may not be an official genre, but I love to read Southern literature.  The language and feel is different.  They feel like comfy PJs.  It probably has to do with me being Southern and living in the Deep South.  I fell in love with mysteries with my first Encyclopedia Brown in grade school.  I’ve moved on, but I’m not happy unless someone dies.  I enjoy the chase, once the mystery is solved, I lose interest.  The cozy mystery is my favorite.  English cozies are the best, but there are a flock of US writers that I really enjoy reading.  I discovered fantasy a bit late in the game, college.  Fell hard for Tolkien, then eventually discovered many modern favorites.  A subgenre I love is children’s and YA fantasy.

Jean Davis

Currently, my favorite is paranormal romance, but I’ve also got a lot of fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction on my shelves. I tend to rotate what I’m reading depending on what I’m writing. When I’m in the midst of writing a particular genre, I prefer to be reading something else. Which is the cause of my current trend – I’m in editing a fantasy novel and drafting a sci-fi novella.

S. R. Carrillo

The queer dark diverse ones! Honestly, if I had a constant stream of queer, dark, diverse books to feast on at all possible times underneath one umbrella genre, I’d be the happiest little weirdo this side of the Atlantic.

D. T. Nova

Science fiction, fantasy, space opera, epic fantasy, steampunk, urban fantasy, and according to Goodreads it’s okay to call manga a genre.

Amy Morris-Jones

I tend to gravitate toward historical fiction most often, although literary and women’s fiction rank pretty high on the list, too. It depends on what I have available, though, because I’ve been known to read just about anything I can get my hands on.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

First and foremost are horror and supernatural. I love creepy stuff, weird stuff, things that go bump in the night, things that give me the shivers. And yes, this does include things like romantic vampires, although personally I prefer the kinds of monsters that will tear your throat out over the ones that will kiss it.

Paul B. Spence

You mean other than science fiction?  I enjoy thrillers and some fantasy.

H. Anthe Davis

I’m very much a fantasy/horror/sci-fi girl, and in that order.  Fantasy was my first love, and almost the only thing I read in my teens; there was always a little thread of horror though, starting from ghost story compilations and moving on to the big players like King and Lovecraft and Barker.  The sci-fi I’ve read has been mostly incidental; I’ve picked up the occasional cyberpunk or space opera story but I don’t seek them out, just read them if they jump off the shelf at me.  These days, though, I think graphic novels and manga are my most-read genre, just because I can go through them lightning-fast.

Jay Dee Archer

The photo at the top of this post is part of my bookshelf (actually, a closet).  Forgive the messiness, I don’t actually have enough room for all of my books.  As you may notice, I have a lot of fantasy and science fiction.  Those are my favourite genres to read, but I also like some classics, and especially Shakespeare.  I do have some interest in history, so I’d like to read more historical fiction. On the non-fiction side of things, my first love was the Encyclopedia, but also science books, astronomy and palaeontology in particular.

How about you?

What do you think of our preferred genres?  What do you like to read?  Leave a comment with your answers below.