Reading in 2015

It’s another new year, and another look ahead at what I plan to read.  Last year, I set a target at 30 books and read only 17.  Just over halfway to my goal.  This year, I’m going for 30 again, but I plan to change my reading habits.  More reading in the evening before I go to bed.  So, here’s what I plan to read in 2015.  For actual physical books, here’s my list:

  1. Homeland – R. A. Salvatore (currently reading)
  2. Star Trek: Nemesis – J. M. Dillard
  3. Deadhouse Gates – Steven Erikson
  4. Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare
  5. The Neutronium Alchemist – Peter F. Hamilton
  6. The Iliad – Homer
  7. The Dragon Reborn – Robert Jordan
  8. Mercury – Ben Bova
  9. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – C. S. Lewis
  10. Redemption Ark – Alastair Reynolds
  11. Reaper Man – Terry Pratchett
  12. Green Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson
  13. Hamlet – William Shakespeare
  14. Dune Messiah – Frank Herbert
  15. Children of the Mind – Orson Scott Card
  16. Exile – R. A. Salvatore
  17. The Naked God – Peter F. Hamilton
  18. Armageddon’s Children – Terry Brooks
  19. Blue Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson
  20. Memories of Ice – Steven Erikson
  21. The Ringworld Engineers – Larry Niven
  22. Rendezvous with Rama – Arthur C. Clarke
  23. Stone of Tears – Terry Goodkind
  24. The Shadow Rising – Robert Jordan
  25. Prince Caspian – C. S. Lewis
  26. Absolution Gap – Alastair Reynolds
  27. A Feast for Crows – George R. R. Martin
  28. Black Powder War – Naomi Novik
  29. Witches Abroad – Terry Pratchett
  30. Sojourn – R. A. Salvatore

Maybe I won’t get them all done.  Lots of long books.  Here are the next 15 eBooks I plan to read in order of download.

  1. First Contact – Michael R. Hicks (currently reading)
  2. Blood Skies – Steven Montano
  3. The Book of Deacon – Joseph R. Lallo
  4. Keepers of Water – R. G. Porter
  5. Young Lord of Khadora – Richard S. Tuttle
  6. Blood and Steel – Martin Parece
  7. The Seekers of Fire – Lynna Merrill
  8. The Prophecy – Jeffrey M. Poole
  9. Legon Awakening – Nicholas Taylor
  10. The Shadowbearer – Terry C. Simpson
  11. Supernova – Crystal Ward
  12. Collapse – Richard Stephenson
  13. Book of Remembrance – Tania Johansson
  14. The Weight of Blood – David Dalglish
  15. The Burning Sky – Joseph Robert Lewis

And finally, a couple of art books I didn’t even get to in 2014.  I really should finish them both this year.

  1. The World of Robert Bateman (currently reading)
  2. Robert Bateman: An Artist in Nature

And that is all for 2015.  I’d love to get to all of the books I have above, and maybe I will be lucky and read a lot more than expected.  Or maybe not.  We’ll see.

Anything look interesting to you?

12 thoughts on “Reading in 2015”

  1. Hello, I have seen you have two of the three books of the Night’s Dawn Trilogy in your list. The second one (the Neutronium Alchemist) is my favourite, while I can’t say the same for the last one (the Naked God). It has some good sections, but I was overall disappointed. And yes, Kim Stanley Robinson’s Blue and Green (Mars) are a real treat!

  2. I’m hoping to give Ben Bova a try for the first time this year. I just ordered his newest short story collection.

    I’d also like to get back into the Enderverse. I’ve read Game and Speaker and have Xenocide and Mind sitting patiently on my bookshelf.

  3. I have Blue Mars, but it’s the only one i have in the series, and I really don’t even know if I’m actually interested in it or not. I grabbed while in training years ago when selections were slim – and only because it was about Mars haha.

    1. Really hard to get into Blue Mars without reading the first two books, most likely 🙂 Red Mars was amazing, though. Incredible book. It was my dream book, in fact.

  4. I actually just finished RA Salvatore’s dark elf trilogy (Homeland, Exile, and Sojourn) myself. They were a pretty good read overall, particularly Homeland which was easily the best of the trilogy. I don’t normally give star ratings but if I had to give it an overall rating I’d say it hovers in the 4 range.

    Part of the Dune series is also on my reading list and, luck willing, maybe I’ll even get to read some of them this year, not to mention the few Terry Pratchett books that have been tempting me from their place on the shelves. It’s nice to see some recognizable titles on a reading list. Perhaps that means I’m not particularly well-read though, haha. Your book goals are roughly about the same as mine; I’m hoping for 24 as a conservative goal this year.

    1. I’m about to finish Homeland, which I’ve been enjoying. It’s been about 9 years since I read the Icewind Dale trilogy, so it was nice to see Drizzt’s origin. I’m looking forward to the rest.

      The first Dune novel was excellent, I thought. I haven’t read any of the others yet.

      I don’t consider myself well-read. I was a late bloomer when it comes to reading fiction. I read mostly non-fiction up until my second year of university. That’s when I picked up my first Pern book by Anne McCaffrey. The rest is history.

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