Ever been called a smartass?  I have.  Why? Probably because I tend to take questions and comments literally and respond likewise.

For example, if someone asks me, “What’s up?” I answer, “The sky.”

Ever do that?

More examples:

“What are you doing?”


“How do you write so many blog posts?”

“By typing.”

“How can you type so fast?”

“By moving my fingers quickly on the keyboard.”

On occasion, I’ll respond to a simple question that has an obvious answer with an unexpected answer.  My favourite is this:

“Did you get a haircut?”

“No, I dyed the ends of my hair invisible.” “No, I retracted my hair back into my head.” “No, my head got bigger.”

I could go on and on.  Why do I do it?  The standard response is a bit boring, so I like to spice things up a bit.  Those who know me should come to expect these kinds of answers from me.  I’m also sarcastic.

How about you?  Do you have your favourite smartassed responses to simple questions?

Edit: Oh yeah, this is post number 750.

How Amanda Hocking sold 1.5 million on Amazon: I’m revealing the secret!

Well, this is actually very, very simple. Who knew it worked? This is a reblog, of course. I’m not revealing the secret, someone else is.

Leona's Blog of Shadows

You might have heard of Amanda Hocking, the indie superstar who sold 1.5 million on Amazon and got picked up by a big house and signed a movie deal for her Trylle Trilogy.

This is the exact quote from her explaining how her sales exploded after the book bloggers spread the word:

Then in June, something truly magical happened. I discovered book bloggers. I had no idea such people existed. They just read books and write about them. And I don’t mean “just.” These people take times out of their busy lives to talk about books and have contests and connect with followers and writers and other readers.

These guys are honestly my heroes. I’m a little in love with all of them.

I asked several if they would be interested in reviewing my books, and most of them said yes, even if they didn’t generally review self-published work.

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A Newsletter Is Coming

To provide my readers with another way of getting updates, I’m going to start a newsletter.  But it won’t just be for updates.

Basically, I’ll be providing updates in a weekly email giving the highlights of the week and a preview of the upcoming week.  But that’s not all.  I’ll also be talking about the progress of my writing with possible sneak previews.  And another thing is an exclusive chance at becoming a beta reader.  That’s right, when I’m ready for beta readers, I’ll be asking subscribers of my newsletter first, giving them an advantage over other people.  This won’t guarantee that applicants will become beta readers, though.  I need dedicated readers for that.  But I’ll come to that when it’s time.  There will also be other features that you can only find in the newsletter.

So, I’d like to know if there’s an interest for a newsletter.  Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Independent Short Film – Airlords of Airia

Ever watch some of the independent short films you can find on YouTube?  I have, on occasion.  Some of them are quite interesting, some quite well done, and some kind of goofy.

Well, here’s one that kind of interested me basically because it’s steampunk.  I don’t recall ever seeing a steampunk movie.  Is there one?  I don’t know.  Anyway, I decided to watch this, and I have a few things to say after the video.  So, please watch.

Finished?  Well, the first thing I noticed was that it was dubbed into English. It is German, after all.  Some of the acting is a bit amateurish.  The designs were interesting, though.  That’s what drew me to this.  I enjoyed the designs, though the CGI was not entirely realistic.  Of course, I understand they had a budget, and this was crowdfunded.  If they had a bigger budget, more professional actors, and a less corny script, it may go over pretty well.  The thing that surprised me at the end is that it contains elements of fantasy, as well.

You can also check out their website.

What did you think?