How to turn a short story into a novel

Some more writing advice I found. This time, if you’re having trouble writing a full-length novel, and it keeps ending too early, this may be for you.

Nail Your Novel

I’ve had this question from Kristy Lyseng:
I have trouble when it comes to depth and expanding my writing. I always end up with short pieces. Are there any tips or tricks I could learn for writing longer pieces instead of short ones, both fiction and non-fiction?

Oh what a good question. Here are some ideas.

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How much do you plan?

Maybe you’re confident you can keep control of short pieces, and bring them to a satisfying conclusion. With a short piece, you can keep it all in your mind in one go, but with a novel that’s much harder. So to write something longer, you need more detail, to spend longer in the planning or you’ll run out of puff. (Or, if planning hasn’t been part of your method until now, you’ll probably need to start.)

Most novelists plan. They might…

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Show, Don’t Tell

Having a hard time showing emotions? Do you just type the emotion word in your writing? Then this should help. Very useful!

Lynette Noni

This seriously awesome “cheat sheet” popped up in my Facebook and Twitter feed the other day and it’s simply too good not to share. It originated from a website called Writers Write:


As writers, we’re often told how important it is to “show, don’t tell” with our words. The funny thing is, it can be easier to write “tell” rather than “show”, but it’s waaaay better to READ “show” than it is to read “tell”. And really, as someone who spends a lot of time reading, I kinda hate it when I read writing that does more telling than showing, because it almost makes me feel dumb, you know? It sends the message that the writer thinks that to get their story across then they have to describe everything to the point that there’s no room left for my imagination to enjoy the creativity of filling in any gaps…

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I Never Tire of this View

Do you live near anything extremely famous? Is it something you can’t get enough of? I do, and this is it:


That’s Mt. Fuji. I see it almost everyday in winter with the clear air and sunny skies. I love seeing it. It gets the adventurer in my mind going. I’ve climbed it, you know. I want to again. I love the journey. Views like this remind me how I enjoy the natural world. I also enjoy the fantasy world with its exotic lands. It gets my creative juices going.

Do you have an amazing view to help you with inspiration?