Progress Report: Writing Is Happening!

I updated my Official Author’s Website a few minutes ago with a monthly report on my writing.  I can happily say that writing is progressing nicely.  Look at this:


That’s from Part 5 of Journey to Ariadne. It’s in a very rough unedited form right now, and it’s far from finished.  I need to do some more writing, and I may be able to finish it this week.  I also have to have Part 4 critiqued and edited.  Once that’s done, it’ll be up and available to be read.

So, as a little treat for you, here is the full list of parts that will be written with some tentative titles.

Currently finished and available:

Act I – Contact

Here are all the rest of the parts and the current status of each.

Act II – Presentation

  • Part 4: The Knights – Awaiting critiques and editing
  • Part 5: The McPhersons – Currently being written
  • Part 6: The Miralas – Planning
  • Part 7: The Takahashis
  • Part 8: The Goerzes – Planning
  • Part 9: Presentation

Act III – Letters Home

  • Part 10: Dan and Trish Knight
  • Part 11: Francis and Chrissa McPherson
  • Part 12: Steven and Carmen Mirala
  • Part 13: Hironobu and Kazue Takahashi
  • Part 14: Jan and Bianca Goerz
  • Part 15: Ben Taylor

Act IV

  • Part 16-18

Act V

  • Parts 19-22

Act VI

  • Parts 23-26

Acts IV-VI have titles, but I’m not going to tell you yet.  No need to tell you what’s going on!  However, the current Act being written is all about the announcement to some major characters and their reactions.  Act III will be a collection of letters to home.

As you may have noticed, this is absolutely not a novel, nor is it supposed to show you the whole story.  Consider this a kind of teaser.  It’s no secret that they go to Ariadne in the end, but how that happens will be revealed as I release parts.  But not everything will be known until I have completely rewritten all of the parts so that they’ll be a part of a larger novel.  What you see here is just the surface.  And what you read here will not be the same in its final form.  In fact, I am constantly revising what’s happening, and some characters are going to be more prominent than I originally intended.  In short, this web serial is a series of notes and scenes that will form the framework of the larger story.  I hope you’ll enjoy seeing how it all changes when the book is finally available.

Comments and questions are always welcome.  In fact, I’d like you to ask me some questions.  They can be about my writing process, Journey to Ariadne itself, or anything else.  Leave your questions in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Progress Report: Writing Is Happening!”

  1. Is the whole thing written though? I find it hard to release a beginning that doesn’t yet have an ending, since often the ending changes the beginning. Do you find that too?

    1. I have an ending. You see, the ending can only be one thing, as it is the set up for my main book. This prequel is more like a set of brief vignettes that has evolved into what will be a short novel. I have the entire story outlined, so that’s no problem. I know exactly what’s happening, but there will be some surprises to me.

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