Remind Me

I’m busy. When I get busy, I sometimes don’t get around to doing some of the things I planned. So, here is what I’m reminding myself to do.

First, continue with the world building series. This is an important thing to me, and I feel it’s a useful resource.

Second, get to work on my online course. It started last week. I haven’t.

Third, regularly post Encyclopedia Entries. I want to cover the moons before I move onto another subject.

Fourth, post my New Year photos on my Japan blog. It’s been almost three weeks!

Fifth, do some concept sketches for Ariadne. I really need to do that.

Finally, download GIMP 2 to do some image editing for my maps of Ariadne.

Missing from this list is What Will You Write? I’ll hold off on that a bit. I want to concentrate on my own writing.

Please remind me by commenting below.

Influence of Climate Change on My Writing

Climate change is a big topic these days, especially since it was announced that we crossed over a fourth limit for Earth’s habitability, which makes the future look pretty bleak.

Although you may not see it, Journey to Ariadne actually has a lot of influence from climate change.  At the moment, the web serial is focusing on the people and what they are doing and thinking while preparing to go to another planet.  They don’t live on Earth, so the effects of climate change are not felt by them.  However, things are a mess on Earth.  What you see in the web serial will be adapted into a novel, but there will be a lot more focus on what’s happening on Earth.  You’ll get to see the other side and hopefully understand what effect climate change has on the environment.  It’s not pretty.

There are many things to consider when writing about it.  The temperature is likely to be warmer, but with wild hot and cold swings in summer and winter.  There will be extreme storms.  The sea levels will be up with many major coastal cities flooded and abandoned.  The amount of forests will have decreased, as will the arable land, so less food.  That means lots of starvation and a smaller population.  Pollution isn’t likely to be a problem, as alternative eco-friendly energy sources would be in use, but the damage was already done in the 20th and 21st centuries.  Deserts are likely to be bigger, as well.  Another problem is access to clean freshwater.  This can lead to conflict.  With a lot of people trying to leave areas that are not very habitable, refugees are a problem.  There’s going to be a lot of fighting.  Due to the lack of oil, oil-rich countries of the 20th and 21st centuries will either have to rely on other industries or find themselves in the company of developing nations.

So, it’s definitely not a very nice place to live 150 years in the future.  This will be the basis for the other half of Journey to Ariadne.  I’m only showing you some of the Mars side of things.