A New Fanta Flavour

One thing I love about Japan is seasonal flavours. And one of the drinks that gets new flavours all the time is Fanta.  This time of the year is known for strawberries.  They’re everywhere in supermarkets.  I’ve had strawberry soda before, especially one by Sapporo called Ichigo no Soda.  It’s actually 10% real strawberry juice.  It’s quite good.  But this new Fanta flavour isn’t just strawberry, it’s strawberry cream soda!


Just look at that bottle.  The text in the gold part near the bottom says “Strawberry Cream Soda” while the text on the bottom right says “No real juice.”  It’s all artificial flavouring!  But what else would you expect from Fanta?

So, how does it taste?  Very sweet.  It’s not the same as the cream soda I’m used to from Canada, but it’s decent.

Bookshelf Porn

As a reader of books, I love bookshelves.  I love looking at them, I love putting books in them, I love taking books down to read.  But look at my bookshelf.

20150101-234140-85300100.jpgA mess.  It’s actually a closet with shelves in it, and I have too many books to store them properly.  I need to figure out how to make it look better.

But I don’t want you looking at my bookshelves.  I want you to look at these ones.  BookBub has 21 amazing bookshelves for you to salivate over.  They look wonderful, don’t they?  Well, I’d like to do a poll.  So below, please vote for your favourite on that page (or favourites, I’ll leave this open for multiple choices), then leave a comment talking about why you chose it/them.