Three Year Blog Anniversary

I missed this blog’s three year anniversary.  It happened three days ago, January 28th.  In fact, I started this blog three days after my daughter was born.  Check out my first post.

So, let’s take a look at some numbers and see how things are different three years later.

This month has 3,674 views so far.  In my first year, the blog had 2,531 views.  One month has more than an entire year!  In fact, this month has nearly 20% of last year’s total views.

This month has 629 comments so far.  My first year had 278 comments.  Another big difference.

The first year had 105 posts.  This month has 71 so far (72 including this one).

Over the three years, I have done 58 reviews, 17 of which were independently published.  26 were science fiction, 25 were fantasy, while 7 were in other genres.

There have been a total of 795 posts including this one.  72 this month means that I’ve done nearly 10% of my posts in this month alone.

So, happy anniversary, blog! Let’s see those number get much bigger.

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