Superbowl? I Have Better Entertainment

There will no doubt be comments today about the Superbowl all over Facebook and maybe even at work.  I work with some Americans, though I’m not so sure how much they’re into football.  But you see, I have no interest in it.  I’ve been to a couple Canadian football games, enjoyed the atmosphere, but had little interest in the actual game.

Here’s what I’d rather do:

  • Read my WordPress reader.
  • Wait for my daughter’s nursery driver.
  • Watch Winnie the Pooh in Japanese.
  • Put together my daughter’s toy into a triangle shape, and have her repeatedly say, “Triangle, triangle.”
  • Watch my daughter pretend to fall down.
  • Write this blog post.

So you see, I have some far more interesting things to do.  And yes, the above list is a typical morning for me.

Bonus:  This is my 800th post!

The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour

the2kinternationalwritersblogtourThis month, I will be participating in the 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour hosted by Kate Evans and Kate M. Colby.

Every day, except for Sunday, I will be posting an interview with a different author, and linking back to the Kates’ blogs.  I’m going to try to get these posts done just after midnight my time. Although the first interview is due for the 2nd, I’ll be posting it on the 3rd shortly after midnight.  Technically, it’ll still be the 2nd in the UK and Kansas.  The first interview will be for host Kate Evans.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m interviewed, too.  Mine will be only a few days before my birthday.