Ariadne Country Profile Outline

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to be writing the country profiles for the countries on Ariadne.  This is all part of my worldbuilding process, and will mainly involve physical geography for the time being.  I will be doing the entire planet, which may seem like a lot.  Well, it is a lot.

In the beginning, I will go through the countries in alphabetic order, and I’ll be giving the following information:

  • Basic stats, including country area, latitude, longitude, length of the coastline, and extreme points (highest and lowest altitude).
  • Describe the topographic regions.
  • Describe the Koppen climate classifications and general habitats.
  • Neighbouring countries.

I will not be including any political, demographic, or historical information at this time.  The story hasn’t even begun on the planet, so that’ll come in the future as I publish the books.  Eventually coming will be maps of the countries.

All profiles will be posted in the Ariadne Encyclopedia on my author blog.

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