Not My Typical Thursday

Plans change.  We were originally supposed to go to Kamakura, see some temples and shrines, and have lunch at Kua’Aina, a Hawaiian hamburger restaurant.  It’s for my birthday.  However, the weather isn’t very good, so we were going to postpone it until next week.

Plans change.  We got a call from my wife’s father a couple nights ago, and now we’re going up to my wife’s hometown where we’ll see her family’s dog.  She’s old, and it seems she’s close to being on her last legs.  But we’ll be treated to lunch at Big Boy.

It’s more than an hour away by train, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity to read.  I won’t be bringing any books, but I’ll read on my phone.  I may get a lot of Blood Skies finished today.

Keep checking back here today, because I may be posting a few updates about the day.  With pictures!

6 thoughts on “Not My Typical Thursday”

    1. It was a very quick trip. We didn’t stay very long, but had a big lunch. The house is beautifully decorated with many pet sheets taped together and covering the entire floor. One pee spot, though.

    1. Big Boy was good. But hugging the dog wouldn’t be very good. She tends to be a bit blind and likely to bite at anything that goes too close to her face. And having a wonderful urine smell.

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