A Brush With Fame

Have you ever walked down the street and just happen upon a large group of people getting ready to shoot a scene for a TV show?  That happened to me and my family today.  We were going for a walk along the beach in Kamakura (see the photos and video here) and as we passed Inamuragasaki Point, we saw a bunch of people on Shichirigahama Beach.  Well, I thought they were cleaning up, because you often see people cleaning the neighbourhoods.  Well, there was a lot of other equipment there, and it turned out it was all for a TV drama.  There were many crew members, and I’m guessing the actors were standing out on the rocks.  I wasn’t close enough to see who they could be, though.

So, as we sat down to take a break from walking, I decided to get up to take a picture of Enoshima.  That’s when one of the staff approached me and asked me not to take any pictures.  I said I was just taking a picture of Enoshima.  That seemed to satisfy her.  So later on, as we were walking away, I turned around, zoomed in, and took this picture below.


I’m guessing the woman standing up on the right and the woman sitting down next to her are the actresses.  They were standing apart from the rest and seemed to be the focus of attention.  Too bad I couldn’t see who they were.

Has this ever happened to you?

7 thoughts on “A Brush With Fame”

  1. After a Queen concert I went to in Toronto in 2006, I took a trip down to the floor level seats to pass a note on to Brian May via the security guys. On my way there I was walking down a narrow corridor going against the crowd of people leaving when I came across Lawrence Gowan. My jaw must have dropped to the floor because he laughed at me… had I held my hand out I could have touched him, he was that close. As it was, I didn’t stop nor did I speak – I was too stunned.
    Another time I was stopped at a traffic light while driving to work in Ottawa, when I spotted Alanis Morissette walking down the street. She’s much shorter than you’d imagine possible.

    1. I’ve only encountered minor local celebrities on the street (a weather man and the host of a rather crappy access TV show). But I’ve run into a Yokozuna during a sumo tournament, and I’ve met James Doohan, Marina Sirtis, and Michael Dorn at Star Trek conventions.

      1. That’s cool! I can’t count how many minor celebrities I’ve come across… It’s always like, “hey, I know you from somewhere!” and then you realize where and that’s the end of it.
        Apart from that, I was friends with Dori Hartley for a while. She started the “Rocky Horror” cult and was in the scene in the original movie “Fame” dressed as Frank. She’s been on Broadway and written some famous stuff… music for the tv show “The Sopranos” etc.
        I was in a bar with her in New York when a stranger came up to her and asked her for an autograph. That was pretty cool.

  2. I once walked into the middle of a film set when I was on holiday in Rome. It was in Piazza Navona and I wandered straight into the middle of it until I noticed all these directors and actors in period dress staring at me, waiting to start the shot. I scuttled swiftly away…

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