Two Due? Too Doo? To Do!

My brain has been thinking about what to do.  I do this often, though.  In the morning, I’m often thinking of lists of things to do over the next hour, day, week, etc.  Well, here’s a big to do list without any deadlines.  Let’s just say they’re for this year.

  • Get every part of Journey to Ariadne written, critiqued, edited, and posted.
  • Get What Will You Write? restarted.
  • Read at least 30 books.
  • Start planning and writing my solar system exploration short story series.
  • Write and post character profiles for Ariadne.
  • Get Ariadne maps online.
  • Write physical geography country profiles and create maps for Ariadne.
  • Begin planning Journey to Ariadne novel (though may be different title).
  • Pass 1,000 blog followers.
  • Pass 5,000 Twitter followers.
  • Resume regular vlogging.
  • Catch up on my photo blog.
  • Work on conceptual art for Journey to Ariadne and the Ariadne world.
  • Blog more on science, especially Ceres and Pluto.
  • Do a lot of work on Worldbuilding posts.
  • Comment on and follow at least 5 new blogs a day.
  • Begin year 2 of Authors Answer.

I’m sure there’s more to do.  I just can’t think of it at the moment. What’s on your to do list?

Planning, Planning, Writing, and Planning

Sometimes it feels like I do nothing but plan.  Of course, planning is important.  No plan? No direction.

I just updated my official website with the March progress report on my writing.  One thing I touched upon is how I’m doing character and country profiles, which I have talked about before.  I downloaded Gimp 2, which I’ll be using to work on the maps of Ariadne.  Once I’ve got them going, I’ll be posting country profiles, though physical geography only.  No need to publish spoilers.

The writing part comes from time to time, depending on how awake I am and if I’m alone.  I can’t write with people trying to talk to me all the time, so my writing time is quite limited.  I’m failing my New Year’s resolution to write fifteen minutes a day.  I need to redouble my efforts.

Wish me luck.