We Think She May Be Gifted

I’m rather hesitant to say this kind of thing, but going through several child care websites (official ones, not ones made by average people), I think we have to make the choice whether to get our daughter tested.

As she’s learning two languages at once, it’s difficult to determine if she’s great with language.  She speaks mostly Japanese, and she’s getting fairly conversational at 3 years and 2 months old.  I’m not sure if she’s learning at a normal rate, as she’s also learning English.  She knows a lot of words in English, and occasionally speaks English.  She understands what I say to her, but she always responds in Japanese.  Of course, this is quite normal, as it’s what she hears and uses more often than not.  It’s really only with me and sometimes with my wife that she’s using English.  But we shouldn’t worry about her English ability, as it’ll catch up quickly by 5 years old.

However, when we observe her drawing ability, we are amazed.  I’d checked what kids her age should be drawing.  She should be drawing faces with a circle and two dots for eyes.  Then there may be arms and legs growing out of the head like sticks.  That’s all.  The first face she drew when she was still 2 years old had circles for eyes with circles for pupils.  It also had a nose and a smiling mouth.

My daughter’s first face when she was 2 years, 11 months old.

But since that time, it’s evolved into faces with winking eyes, eyelashes, hair, ears, full bodies, legs, and arms with hands that have fingers.  She’s quite detailed.  She’s drawn her favourite characters with surprising accuracy for a child her age.

Drawn this week at 3 years, 2 months old. This is Disney’s Sofia the First.

I checked what age her drawing ability represents.  It seems like anyone who saw her drawings would think she’s 4 or 5 years old.

She is obsessed with drawing.  Our home is filled with large pieces of paper with her artwork. She goes through several sheets of paper every day.

It’s not just art she loves.  She also has an interest in dancing, singing, and music.  She has a big artistic side.  On top of that, she loves building things with Lego. When she makes something, she usually uses symmetry, and once made the starship Enterprise without knowing what it is.  She even tries yoga poses and has good balance.

As for writing, she can write her name in both English and Japanese.  But the unusual thing is that she writes each letter from the top right instead of the top left.  It’s kind of how a left-handed child might write a letter, but she uses her right hand.  Not sure what’s going on there.

So, we have some things to think about.  Do we get her tested?  Is she gifted or merely just ahead of her peers?


42 thoughts on “We Think She May Be Gifted”

  1. If you’d really like an opinion, I’d say first and foremost, don’t put pressure on her. Let her grow at her own pace in everything she does. Getting her tested may or may not put her in a position to feel like she HAS to do these things… I’m not sure how the testing is done.
    And besides, what will having her tested do? Just confirm what you suspect? Put her into a class of her own? Get her into a better school?
    Let us know what you decide. 🙂

    1. We definitely won’t pressure her. What we’ll do is support her interest in drawing, and hopefully we’ll be able to find a school where their art lessons are above average. I don’t want to have a teacher who’ll hold her back.

        1. Yeah, though we don’t want anything that’ll limit her. I know some art programs will try to mold a person’s abilities into what they want, rather than letting the person do what they wish.

  2. I’d wait for the testing as well. At least until she enters school, unless it will determine which school she will go to. It would be useful for her teachers to know if she is gifted (you already know 🙂 ). She is definitely quite the artist!

  3. I was school age before I was tested, but I think it definitely did me good. Not only did I learn more, but I also made friends more easily in the smaller groups.

  4. Your daughter is gifted, and bright. It’s amazing she speaks 2 languages at 3 years old. She is multi-talented.

    2 months ago, the teachers did evaluate my daughter who has high scores. She knows alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, and over 300 words. She is ahead of the preschoolers and will just start a 4 to go to school in January 2016. She already starts to write alphabets like your daughter.

    Good Luck for the test 🙂

    1. Well, my daughter doesn’t write much. Just her name and a couple other letters. But I’m getting her started on practicing the alphabet. And I wish she was speaking two languages. She speaks one most of the time and some words for English. I look forward to when she actually speaks English fluently.

  5. She is indeed a remarkable child. I am a firm believer in the Indigo Child phenomenon….and always like to observe children and how they think and play. our youngest is an almost-three year old…he knows the alphabet and can associate letters with appropriate words. I am 80 years old, and have kids around of four generations. Children of this age/era are far advanced than their parents…..

    1. That’s quite incredible. Almost three and can relate words to letters? My daughter can read some of the Japanese script, but her alphabet isn’t very good yet. She still very good with memory and creating things.

        1. Sometimes I never understand what a young child says 🙂 My daughter’s interesting mix of Japanese and English and a lack of vocabulary sometimes make her stories a bit unintelligible.

            1. I just did now. It reminds me of what my daughter said last summer. She started getting interested in dinosaurs, and she’d heard cars driving by down the hill, but she called it dinosaur song. Gave me a great idea for a children’s book if I ever write one.

            2. I am often thought to be crazy…but I believe that the Akashic Records locked up in all of our human minds contains wonderful information that we dig out as very young children…but someone usually pooh-poohs it as “silly” and we put it away. I never discount anything a little kid says…even if it’s imaginary. But that’s just me… You should do your dinosaur song book…it sounds really cool.

            3. I’m trying to figure out if I should illustrate it or not. Probably best to draw it. I can do the artwork myself, though I worry about doing the colour. I can draw well, but I’m not good at painting. I guess I could try digitally colouring it.

            4. oh yes, I think that’s the way to go. You might ask for contributions from your daughter…that would be very interesting I think. 🙂 She will no doubt come up with some very cool drawings.

            5. Yeah. She also likes cars, trains, airplanes, and superheroes. You see, my daughter is a princess, while I’m the superhero, and my wife is the monster 🙂

  6. my point is that children know many things even at young ages. Some are absolutely amazing.in what they say and do, and we need to always pay attention…very rewarding. 🙂

    1. I agree. And my daughter learning two languages will set her mind up for greater learning abilities. It’s going to be easier for her to learn a third language, which will be French.

      1. absolutely. It is very hard for adults to learn other languages, and they will learn very quickly when they are very young. French is good, Spanish is also…especially here in the US. I don’t know about Canada, although I do know that French is spoken widely in Quebec. 🙂

        1. French is official in Quebec. Everywhere else, French is taught in school. But there are other languages. My old high school also teaches Spanish, German, and Japanese.

            1. Spanish vocabulary is similar to French, I have found. I can read Spanish, and write it if I have my dictionaries at hand…but speaking is very hard to master when one is an adult.

          1. My late husband was a fire-fighter, and when we traveled he liked to visit fire stations. He spoke very good French, which proved to be their common language in Quebec and in Lisbon (Portugal.) I just kept my mouth shut LOL

            1. My dad was a firefighter, too. He also liked to visit fire stations wherever we went and trade caps. He’s retired now, but I bet we can get into the fire station he worked at easily.

            2. I’m interested in what your daughter’s impressions would be…actually sitting on a firetruck seat etc. Firefighters always like to show off their fire trucks … it might turn out your little girl knows a lot about fire trucks… 🙂

            3. All she knows is from what she’s seen of them driving by. The trucks in Canada are much bigger than the ones in Japan, though.

            4. She is. She seems to have an artistic side, but also a very logical side. She loves symmetry when she builds with Lego, but her drawings are creative.

            5. I have a little story my oldest son wrote in first grade (50 years ago) that I have been thinking about… I think its a great idea for you to present some of your daughter’s work…young children do some remarkable work. 🙂

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