Inspired to Draw

Watching my daughter’s budding artistic abilities and seeing other art makes me want to draw.

In school, I used to draw a lot.  I took art class until grade 10 in high school, and at that time, I’d done a fairly detailed drawing of my shoe.  That was actually one of our art projects, to draw our shoes.  We only had an hour to do it, too.  Mine turned out great, though I don’t know if we still have the picture.

I prefer drawing scenery, buildings, animals, and still life.  I don’t do portraits.  They always appear lifeless and rather scary.  The problem is with the eyes.  Everything else I can do well.

For Ariadne, I’m going to be drawing various examples of scenery, concept art for spacecraft, vehicles, buildings, plants, and animals.  They’ll mainly just be pencil drawings, as that’s what I’m most comfortable with.  Maps, though, will be done in pencil first, then drawn over on my computer.

Anyway, I was so excited to draw, I did this picture.

See? I’m terrible at portraits.

I’m just joking.  I’ll definitely be doing it on paper.  It’s not easy drawing with a laptop’s track pad.

5 thoughts on “Inspired to Draw”

  1. HA! Good picture there! Looks exactly like someone I know. I took art in high school right through to grade 12. Painting was my thing. But not people. My people looked like squashed pumpkins for some reason. I’m excited to see your vehicles of Ariadne!

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