I’m Unimpressed, Indiana

With all the news about the Indianapolis state government passing a law that is “not about discrimination,” it sure sounds like it enables business owners to discriminate against the LGBT community.

It’s been said that Indiana’s not the only state, that there are several others have similar laws.  That is true.  But Indiana’s case is happening right now, and it’s important to talk about this.  The other states will be looked at as a result of this discussion.

But you may ask me why I care.  I’m Canadian, I don’t live in the US.  Well, I have friends in the US, including some in Indiana and other states that have these laws.  They have friends who could be affected.  And these days, it’s become internationally known that the US is a hotbed for bigotry, especially with the way the Republican party (particularly the old tea party group) has been going out of their way to discriminate against gay people (not to mention pretend that climate change isn’t happening, but that’s another story).  The US has been having race problems a lot, too.

I’m not an overly emotional person, but I have this to say:  Grow up, you morons! Why can’t you just learn to get along and let others live how they like?  Why do you have to push your religious and political agendas down everyone’s throats, as if gay marriage is a threat to your own way of life.  It is not a threat!  Only bigots think this way.  I mean it.  If you think that gay marriage threatens your own personal way of life, you have no intelligence whatsoever.  I dare you to try to give a rational explanation that justifies discriminating against people different than you.  Go ahead, do it.  I bet you can’t.  If you want to try, the comments below await you.

For everyone else who is levelheaded, has compassion, and accepts people for how they are, I’d also like your input.

14 thoughts on “I’m Unimpressed, Indiana”

  1. I once lived in Indiana for about 5 years. Gotta say it has been the worse state out of the 3 I’ve lived in lol.

    As far the community being attacked, well every group I don’t see it as right. But that’s just me, here in the states it comes off as being normal for most people. Your either with the so called bad guys or the good.

    Then you have the others who choose not to talk about it. So many things can be said, but we’d be here all night wouldn’t we?

    This doesn’t lay within the gay community alone or with race. It can go along with most everyone’s everyday life here.

    People fight over politics, sports teams, which cars are the best lol, it doesn’t matter.

    When I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio I saw a guy get knocked, out simply because the other guy said he looked at him the wrong way. Take it however you want lol.

    1. I often wonder how the world functions. I rarely ever saw anything like that in Canada (though it does happen), and people just mind their own business here in Japan. Although the gay marriage movement is starting up here.

  2. One more reason never to travel east of the Mississippi again…

    Finding it difficult to express my opinion in a coherent way — bigotry makes me angry, and anger makes me forget how to use words. Short version: I’m against what they’re doing in Indiana. I’m against it no matter where it happens.

  3. I think this is a case of a few giving the rest a bad name. The 350 million people in the States and we keep hearing about the bad ones. Unfortunately, they happen to be the ones in charge. Right? Hell no. But it sure seems they are working themselves back to the 60’s.

    1. Seems rather regressive these days, doesn’t it? I’ve read things about how the US is no longer a true democracy (if it ever was) and freedom just doesn’t really exist.

  4. I’m hoping that this discriminatory law will get struck down by the courts before it can take effect. Maybe the backlash will be bad enough that Indiana’s legislature will repeal it before the court challenge. When Arizona tried something similar, it backtracked when it became clear how much business the state would lose. I’d much prefer that everyone accepted that discrimination is wrong and didn’t support these kinds of stunts, but some people have blinders on until it threatens them economically.

    1. I’m hoping there’ll be some kind of push to make a federal law related to things like this. Then it’ll make it pretty much impossible for states to have laws like this.

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