Well, That’s Annoying

Feeling irritated tonight.  I was looking forward to a productive morning of writing tomorrow, but I was told that our daughter’s nursery will not be picking her up tomorrow morning.  I was confused.

So, what happened?  Well, my wife called them last Friday to inform them of a change of schedule, that we’d like her to go to the nursery on Wednesdays, as well.  They said they understood and it’s fine.  Fast forward to tonight.  My wife got an email from them saying that they will not pick her up, as we didn’t tell them about the change of schedule by email.  What?  They’ve known about the change of schedule since last week, yet they won’t even add her to the pickup schedule simply because we didn’t email.

Well, there goes my morning tomorrow.  No chance to do my A to Z Challenge writing.  I should be able to keep on schedule, though.  It’s just irritating.

7 thoughts on “Well, That’s Annoying”

    1. You should see what snow days here are like. Ugh. That’s not snow, that’s slush and rivers of slush that buses can’t drive through. Cars need chains to go anywhere, and there’s no guarantee that’ll work. Trains stop, too.

  1. Snow days! We have a snow day here, today. I’m hope with Crash and Bang. I made them clean for an hour an half. For once they didn’t scream about it. They’re on break right now… union rules.

    1. Cleaning without complaining?

      I had a snow day last year, though just a snow morning. First couple hours of work were cancelled because no trains were running.

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